How to make men fall in love

How to make men fall in love with you? Many women believe that being beautiful is the only thing that you need to make a man fall in love. That is the farthest from the truth (don't get me wrong, looks are definately important to certain degree). Reality is though that we all age. We all get older and our looks fade. Sure beauty makes a man fall in "lust". If you are beautiful with a great body, they look at you and say "wow. They wine and dine you but what happens after that initial phase AKA the lust stage?

What happens if you only have looks to fall back on and maybe great bedroom fun but nothing else in common. Men like to be challenged to a certain degree. They like to be needed, nurtured and to be mentally challenged. Deep down, I think we all want someone that is like our best friend. Someone to confide in, someone to share our goals and dreams with, someone that we can have good conversation with. Men are no different. Men need to be his woman's hero to a certain degree (her knight in shining armour), they need to be nurtured. Nurturing and praising are important. That is why so many men are so close to their mothers because they need that nurturing feeling as well and they want a best friend. They also want a female who is their own individual as well (at least a secure man does anyhow) so again, we come back to the question "How men fall in Love"?

Tips to make him fall in love

* Be different - Be Unique

* Be Funny - Everyone loves to be around people that make them laugh

* Make him feel important. Praise him on the little things that he does but don't overdo it

* Nurture him

* Don't be clingy (Men actually really hate that)

* Have respect for yourself at all times and him as well

* Be independent. Show them that you want to be with them but you don't NEED to be with them. You never want a man to feel that you couldn't live without him. Show him that you don't want to live without him but in subtle ways, make it known that you can definately live without him

Men have big egos LOL that definately need a certain degree of stroking but they need to know that they are just as lucky to have you as you are to have them

Compromise. Make each other your very best friend

These are the best ways to get a man to want you

How to make men fall in love?? Are you still asking that question

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