Ways to let a guy know that you are interested

We often wonder how to let a guy know that we are interested without coming on too strong. We don't want to look "easy" :-)

Here are some tips:

* Keep it Simple
Sit, talk and be you. Connect about real things and he will pick up on a spark if there is one

* Don't ignore him
It doesn't get you anywhere. How can you connect if you ignore him?

* Look sext but not too sexy
Guys notice when a girl dresses to impress. Just don't try to hard. Again, you don't want to come off as just a one nighter

* Don't flirt with other guys
This will just make him think that you are not interested or again, it may give off the wrong impression

* Cut him some slack
Men mess up and do stupid things all the time. Cut him a little slack when he acts like an idiot and he will get the clue that you like him

* Make the first move
This is 2012- People are scared to approach each other in bars or at parties. Go up and talk to a guy and the first part of the problem is solved :-) He will know that you are interested

* Dig a little deeper
Most men have egos to some degree. Ask him about himself and his likes and interests

* Skip too much work talk
Talking about work can make him think you're more interested in what he does (and his bank account) and not about who he actually is or what he actually likes

* Ease up on the teasing
Sometimes we tend to tease (especially if we are a little nervous). Making fun of a guy may make him think that you don't like him or are putting him down. Again, men have egos.

* Suggest a casual date
Find something you're both into (a common interest) such as karaoke, bowling, hiking etc and suggest you try it together once