Save a failing relationship

How can I make him love me again? Is your love life starting to become an ultimate source of hurt and frustration? First question that you need to ask yourself is "What is making my partner shut down"?

* Are you being overly critical?

* are you being too clingy and dependent?

* Are you growing apart? Have your mutual goals and dreams changed?

* Is your partner just confused and unsure of the relationhsip?

* Has the physical passion between the two of you faded?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about how to make him love you again.

Good communication is key in a relationship. Don't go on the defensive (which is a natural instinct) if you feel he is shunning you. That will just cause you to become overbearing and will escalate the existing issues in the relationship. Don't become a nag. Give him some space. Respect him and yourself.

Don't give up your own values and beliefs when trying to make him love you again. Your partner needs to realize that you are willing to compromise to help him find his emotional and physical needs but not willing to neglect your own needs fully.

It is amazing at the results that just a few simple emotional and physical changes can make in a relationship. Don't let your love die without a fight :-)

Make your man love you again

Remember, love is something to cherish. It is not proud, it is not envious. Love is patient and it is kind. Communication, Compromise, Change and Understanding is key to having a fulfilling relationship.

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