The power women have to influence men

Women have an amazing power to influence a man. Many don't even realize the true power they have. Let's be realistic here, most women are more talkative than men because we like to work out our problems through conversation. We try to force our man to talk because we think that will solve the problem. We talk and complain and nag and after a while, they just pretend to listen but really are just shutting us out. They may just agree to make us stop talking. Women overwhelm men with all the talk.

Until a woman does something more than just talk, the relationship or issue at hand wont get any better. In fact, it will probably get worse. The woman wont even realize that they contributed to making the problem larger than it was originally.

Now, I'm not saying that women are the cause of the problem or that we make things worse. I'm just saying that sometimes women don't realize the simplest influence they have over men. They try too hard and ends up exhausting both them and their man.

Men have difficulty listening for long periods of time. You need something more powerful than just words You need to cut to his heart with minimal effort. Use your feelings. Most men instantly relate to a woman who is expressing her feelings. It may be uncomfortable to the man but men are usually powerless to resist that. Have you ever noticed what men do whan a woman cries?

Women who use emotion have much more influence over men than those who try to just use logical "strong woman" talk or who are constantly nagging.

Women naturally know how to charm a man. Men love women. Women need to be like a campfire. What do you feel when you are sitting around a campfire?? Peace and warmth. Men want to be around this. Men want to be around this type of woman. It gives them the feeling that you genuinely like them (which you really should if this is the person that you think that you want to spend your life with).

The softer your voice with a man and the more emotion you use with them is going to hit them alot harder than any type of nagging or complaining. The soft voice and subtle emotion gets their attention. Most men aim to please the woman they love. I'm not saying all men because I know that there are some real jerks out there. There are drug addicts, alcoholics and men that get joy out of beating up on their woman either physically or verbally or emotionally or all. Honestly though, if you are with that type of man, you are on the wrong page anyhow. I write this site from my heart and my own life experience. I am trying to help women that have a decent (not perfect- but decent) man that just need a little help in making their relationship better. Every woman deserves to be cherished (just as every man does). You deserve to have a man that will protect you and genuinely love you for who you are and that will be there for you. If you are with an abusive man in any way than this isn't the site for you.

If you yell and nag, they raise their guard. By speaking slow and soft and showing a little hurt in your emotions (not your voice) hypnotizes a man

Here is a pic taken of me and my husband on New Years Eve (Dec 31, 2011) I love my husband and it took alot of work to get where we are today (after 8 years of being together) If you look at my husband's hand on my arm, he has that protective nature of me. He doesn't even realize it. I showed him this picture and when I told him how much the picture touched me, he was like "huh"?? LOL Moral of the story: Men aren't always so bright so just need a little guidance. My husband does have such a protective, caring way with me and he doesn't even realize it. He's always looking out for me. He cherishes me and everything I do (as well as I do him) and that is so important. Just learn to cherish each other. He's my very best friend in the world. We have learned to appreciate each other's strengths and accept each other's faults. (LOL- Our names are Tim and Michelle and two of the products on the right side of my blog are actual products that I have and love- The pillows and jewlry box) There is nothing like personalized reflections of your love laying around the house to remind you why you fell in love in the first place!!

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PS: Our names are Tim and Michelle and the pillow I have displayed on the right side of the blog is the exact throw pillows that I have on my couch. Reminders of why you love each other are so great. He's my soul mate :-)