Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ask your partner about their day- It's important

Ask your partner about their day- It's important

One of the most common issues in relationships today is actually one of the easiest ones to fix. The majority of failing couples have stopped asking their partner "How was your day?". Four easy words that are so easy to say. These words are actually as important as telling your partner "I love you.". "How was your day" should be 4 words that you should say to your partner everyday. They show that you have compassion. They show that you care. It is so important to nurture your relationship everyday with conversation. It is like watering plants. When you stop caring about your partner's day, they begin to feel unimportant to you and taken for granted. This can grow deeply into resentment. Carve out time each day to listen to your significant other and engage in conversation.

Ask your partner about their day. It really is that easy.

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