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How to get a guy to notice you

Did You Know:
When someone looks at a new love, the neural circuits that are usually associated with social judgment are suppressed.
Source: by Helen Fisher

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Most women would love to be noticed in a crowded room and have a man be instantly smitten. However, to accomplish this goal, women often focus on the wrong things. Perfect hair, perfect body, perfect smile, perfect... are you noticing a theme?But when I (or someone else) suggests to a woman that there is more to attracting and keeping a man than simply being perfect, they smile and say, "I know, I know."

But they don't believe me because of their bad experiences. In the past, some man has told them that if they weren't so __________(overweight, talkative, controlling, needy, etc.), the relationship wouldn’t be ending. And so they decide that the problem is - that the way they are - isn't enough. What I mean by “enough” is that they believe that they are not pretty enough, skinny enough, confident enough and so forth.It's not true, you know.

How to get a guy to notice you
Being perfect will certainly get you more invitations and more men turning their heads to look at you, but that wasn't the quality that Mr. Ziering noticed in his wife. You see, it wasn’t what she wore or the particular style of her hair. It was what came from within that made her outfit and her hairstyle so radiant. In fact, he noticed it so strongly that he married this woman 9 months after they met.

I'm also sure that you've probably experienced this yourself at least once in your life. Those times when it seemed every guy was interested in you. Or if you're in a relationship, can you remember when your man couldn't seem to get enough of you? Wouldn't you like to have that effect most of the time? You can, but here is the catch. This trait isn't always easy to develop.

It takes some practice.

It doesn’t take forever; yet, it isn't something you can develop in a day. In fact, those women that struggle to obtain this magic usually have one thing in common. They're impatient. They want it now. When it doesn't work with every guy - they say, "This stuff doesn't work."

Then they continue to wonder why the relationship they've always dreamed of never seems to show up in their lives.I want to tell you that it can happen. But if you'd like things to be different, then you'll have to do different things. Simply keeping the same habits and beliefs won't change your circumstances.

Additionally, keeping old habits absolutely won't cause men to look at you the way Ian Ziering looked at his future wife. But if you want that kind of power, and I mean really want it, then it's yours for the taking.

Let me show the magical effect you can have on men when you learn how to put your heart first. I'll even give you a tip right now that will cause men to look at you differently - if you agree to try it for at least 3 weeks.

Treat every guy the same.

Be nice to the ugly guy and the overweight one. Listen to the one who you think is boring and bald. Oh I know, he might just ask you out, but that is a problem you want to have. You see there is no magic formula for only attracting the man you want. There is only the magic that attracts all men.

Those you want and those you don't. You'll end up turning down most of these invitations but something inside of you will begin to change. Practice treating all men the same, and I promise that the man/men you like will notice that you seem to have an effortless beauty that makes you stand out in a crowded room, even if you're just wearing flip flops with your hair in a ponytail.

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