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Best way to get over a breakup

Best way to get over a breakup

The process of getting back together with your ex after having a separation can be made a lot easier and faster if you can develop the courage to deal with your feelings. Interestingly, the feelings one goes through after having a separation are very similar to those experienced when a significant other dies. Mourning after such a loss is normal nevertheless the caveat here is that you should not allow the mourning to get unreasonably out of control.

Grieving, most of the time may turn into depression and when in a depressing state of mind, an individual becomes psychologically unpredictable on the whole. This frame of mind can deteriorate the situation when you are trying to reunite with your ex-spouse.

This article will be taking a look at the 5 stages of grief and connect them to a breakup setting to more effectively understand them and as a consequence make it through this period quicker towards getting your ex back again.

1. Denial
This is the very first stage an individual finds his or herself immediately after a break-up. "I don't think she seriously meant the things she just said"; or "I think he could be just angry with me because of something which could have occurred earlier on in the day and he will give me a call when he relaxes"; these and others are generally things we begin to tell ourselves.

Denying the actuality of the separation is usually caused by the surprise felt at this stage. Owning up to yourself that the breakup has indeed taken place and that you are currently separated with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, is the only approach to handle this stage.

2. Anger
It is natural becoming irritated and also to start feeling some sort of hatred towards your ex, various other external elements or even individuals, and at the worst, at yourself for the separation. Your emotions usually would be running very high at this point and as such it cannot be overemphasized that you are careful concerning the ideas of venting your rage on your ex-spouse. Understanding that separations occur in majority of relationships and that you cannot put the responsibility upon any particular individual or even situation will help you to pass through this anger phase a lot easier.

3. Bargaining
If you get to a point when you begin making suggestions and pleas to your ex-lover that you're going to do this and that or... then you are certainly making stable advancement in the grieving process.

Despite the fact that you could be lured into making bargains with your ex, it is nevertheless necessary for you to understand or know that it's not what's going to get your ex back for you. In fact this is one thing you ought to avoid at all cost if you're serious about fixing the separation with your ex-spouse.

4. Depression
The real truth regarding separations is that the more crazy about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that you were, the more you're bound to feel the effect of the break-up. Nevertheless, it needs to be mentioned here that being unhappy about the breakup is one thing and getting desperate is a totally different story. Whenever the effect of the separation start impinging on your ability to perform normal everyday activities, then it is time for you to get professional help.

5. Acceptance
The last phase of the grieving process is usually when you get to that point of coming to terms with the actual facts of the breakup. It's nonetheless necessary to note that that sometimes, many people usually think that they have reached this stage although they are still passing through one of the earlier stages.

You'll need to be honest with yourself whenever undertaking a self-evaluation concerning the stage you are truly in at every point of the grieving process. The sooner you are able to get past this process, the sooner you will be prepared to start the main process of getting back together with your ex.

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