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Influence a man by understanding how he thinks

Influence a man by understanding how he thinks

1) If he says or does something you do not like…

Your Response: Address the bad behavior by stating, "That does not make me happy.”

Here's why: You may not believe this statement will make a difference. You may even believe that he will laugh or say he does not care. Well, that is a possible response, however; the trick is to outlast his bad behavior.
Remain distant until he approaches you. If he acts as if nothing is wrong simply reply, "I'm still upset about what you did/said." Do this, and I guarantee you will have his attention.

He will start to learn that whenever he is rude, inappropriate or behaves like a bully, you are not going to ignore his bad conduct. He will need to apologize and/or change his behavior, or you will continue to keep your distance.

2) If he says, “You look great!”…

Your Response: Say nothing. Look at him, and smile for 3 seconds.

Here's why: I bring up this specific issue because most women tend to minimize compliments. In many instances, a woman does not want to give the impression that she is conceited.

She wants to appear humble. If a man gives you something, even a quick compliment, he does not want you to trivialize it. He looks upon it as a form of turning him down. Remember, giving is a masculine characteristic, and receiving is a feminine quality. If a man gives you a form of praise, accept it gracefully, and enjoy it. A man would not compliment you if he were not sincere.

3) If he expresses doubts about your relationship…

Tell him- "O.K., I understand."

Here's why: It takes an extreme amount of courage to empathize with his reservations. Your fears may overwhelm you. Your instinct may be to cry, get angry, to argue or try to convince him that his doubts are unfounded and wrong. My advice is do not. Again, all you are to do is calmly say, “I understand.”

There is a significant reason why you should respond in this manner. Women who understand the secret to how men think know that if a man has expressed doubts about your relationship, he most likely no longer feels you are a mystery.

Memorize this phrase, "Men despise what comes easy, and crave what they can't get." This phrase applies to many things – including women.

In this situation, if you react to his doubts with the aforementioned pleasant and accommodating answer, he will start to feel as though maybe he does not understand you as well as he thought he did. Perhaps you are a mystery to him after all. Your seemingly impassive reaction will arouse his curiosity, and diminish his uncertainties.

The confident woman that men adore and never want to leave never begs or pleads with a man to stay with her. It takes bravery to maintain your dignity when you are afraid, but those women that have learned how to put their heart first unanimously say that the results are worth it.

4) What should you do if he shows Up thirty minutes (or more) late without a valid excuse? Note: Assuming he did not call to inform you that he would be late.

Your Response: When he finally does arrive, in a calm voice, tell him you are going to stay in for the evening. You can also remind him that he was supposed to arrive thirty minutes prior.

Here's why: You may believe this action to be petty or mean, but that is not the intention. When a man takes a woman for granted she should always create some distance.

Notice I mentioned that he was late, and he did not have a plausible reason for his tardiness. I am not talking about a man who is late because of circumstances beyond his control (i.e., his car would not start, traffic was rerouted due to an accident, etc.).

I am referring to an incident where a man is late, has no valid explanation for the delay, does not call to inform you he is running behind schedule, and acts indifferent about the episode. If you accept or excuse this type of behavior, you are actually training your man to treat you poorly in other areas of your relationship.

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