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How to work on communication in a relationship

How to work on communication in a relationship

Problems In Our Relationship - Reaching Solutions More Easily

Author: Anthony S Carter

Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought to yourself "if only my partner would... we would be the happiest couple on earth?" It is a common thought amongst couples that experience problems in their relationships. Most people feel as though the only way to get past a problem and move forward in the relationship is through direct interaction with their partner to "fix" the problem so that the two of them can be happier together.

Now, whether the interaction happens to be direct communication with your partner or indirect through the use of your own behavior, such as becoming distant, the problem may not necessarily get "fixed" as you may have expected. In fact, the problem could get worse or even multiply into more problems, as in a case where one uses negative behavior as "punishment" for their partner's behavior.

Most couples handle problems when both individuals are at their happiest, themselves, and about the state of the relationship. Communication can be done much more clearly and positively. On the other hand, communication, no matter how good, can be completely ineffective if both partners are already feeling uncertain, simply leading to more arguments.

So, how can you improve happiness of both you and your partner in order to have a better chance at reaching a solution to a problem, especially without communication. You can begin by concentrating on the positive aspects of the relationship. What do you love best about your partner? What parts of your relationship are already great? Do not waste time and energy dwelling in the areas of your relationship that could use improvement. Over emphasizing problems only makes you lose sight of the good in the relationship and further decreases your level of happiness.

As you continue to concetrate on the strong points in your relationship, your mood will improve. Your partner will take notice and "feed" off of your own perceived happiness, which will also help to improve his or her own mood. As you and your partner begin to feel better about the relationship as a whole, the improved happiness of you both will allow the two of you to more easily communicate and reach a solution to your problems. In some cases, believe it or not, the problems may simply go away on their own.

Communication, while essential in any relationship is not the only means to improvement and happiness. This was just one way you can do lots to improve the happiness in your relationship on your own, while opening the door to reaching solutions to problems, and ultimately making your relationship a fulfilling and closer one.

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Work on communication in your relationship
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