Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bringing up the subject of marriage to your partner

Bringing up the marriage subject to your partner can often be stressful and a tad awkward.

What are the statistics and truth of speaking of marriage to your partner?

* Women who discuss marriage know where they stand in a relationship
* If you want to discuss marriage, you are probably going to have to bring the subject up.
* Many women put pressure on their man to get him to propose
* Men who discuss marriage are more likely to propose
* If a woman is convinced that marriage is essential to her happiness, she is more likely to marry
* If a man is convinced that being married is essential to a woman that he loves happiness, he is more likely to ask her to marry him
* Men usually do not get subtle hints (they just don't get it lol). If you want to discuss marriage with your man, you need to be direct and to the point.
* When a man says that he is not ready for marriage, he is speaking in the moment. It usually doesn't mean that he will NEVER marry.
* Men rarely respond positively when challenged
* Women are often their own worst enemies

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