Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making a good first impression on a man

First impressions on men are so important. It's important to smile. Women that smile and are pleasant attract men. Personality is so important. Below are just helpful hints on how to make a good first impression

The essentials to making a good first impression are a friendly facial expression, easy movements, displaying confidence and a pleasant voice. When you say that you are pleased to meet someone, look the part that you are truly pleased to meet them.

Good posture says that you are positive. If you can maintain good posture while looking relaxed and not stiff or dull, men will find you more attractive and likable.

Good first impressions on men involve sending friendly, positive verbal and non-verbal messages.

The first impression made by a woman when she meets a man often determines the nature of the relationship that follows.

The main reason that men are turned off by women when they first meet is the women, usually without even realizing it, announce non-verbally that they do not like the men. Men most often like women who like them.

Men are initially attracted by the physical but marry the character.

All wives are trophy wives, Stive to be someone a man admires and likes to show you off.

Dressing appropriately for the man's lifestyle sends the message, I am wife material. Men marry women they perceive as situational virgins who move easily in their world

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