Saturday, February 11, 2012

Having the same interests as a couple is not crucial

Many people believe that you need to have the same interests as your partner to make a successful couple. That is completely false!! Everyone is unique. Partners usually share some common interests. For example, my husband and I both love bowling. That is our night out together. We bowl on a league every Saturday night. We both love to watch comedies. Madea movies are our favorite :-). We both love to watch Law and Order and shows like that. We both also have very opposite interests as well. He loves to hunt and going to gun ranges. I have no interest in either of them. I love going to the gym and reading. He doesn't really enjoy either of them. I love blogging. He has no interest. He loves his XBox. I don't get into video games at all. He loves to watch football while I would rather be watching lifetime. Why do you think the old cliche about opposites attract is so strong? Because it's true. You and your partner are unique individuals. What keeps you together is your love and respect for one another. Take time everyday to tell your partner one quality that you appreciate in them.

Many women believe that they should force themselves to enjoy whatever their partner does and it will make them love you more. This is not true. You need to have your "together" interests but you also need to cherish your own individuality as well. Be a team but be your own person as well.

Real life love makes life worth living. It brings out the best in each of you because you accept each other for who they are. You accept the pros and cons about each other. You respect each other's beliefs and interests but don't disregard your own. You share some interests. You hold separate interests. It keeps the relationship interesting LOL

Have a good night and here are just a few inspirational relationship quotes that you should take to heart and believe in :-)

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