Friday, February 17, 2012

Certain traits that relationships require

Relationships require 5 simple things -honesty, communication, faithfulness, trust and love. If you lack any of these you have nothing!

Keep your relationship from stopping before it starts.

Treat your relationship as if it is a rubber band. You want to test it by gently stretching it and letting it spring back. This increases the flexibility and strength.

Act- dont analyze. You can change your feelings and your partner's by actions, not by words and nagging.

Don't talk your relationship to death. Carefully choose the topics you must discuss. Remember - Pick your battles. It is important to remember that most men can't handle more than 15 to 20 minutes of this sort of discussion without going on the defensive. They revert back to the "fight or flight" caveman days.

You will have to go backwards sometimes in order to move forward. Let your partner take a few steps back sometimes without making them feel shameful.

Men tend to turn their attention towards objects, movies, sports and action-oriented activities that don't involve sharing their thoughts and feelings. Help them strike a balance by validating their interests. When you enjoy their idea of fun, they will be more willing to share in your idea of fun.

Always remember that closeness does not naturally happen. It's built over time on safe and happy moments together. It's built on trust, communication and appreciation of each other. Don't stop a relationship by pushing to be close all the time. Appreciate the moments of closeness and learn to like the times you're not close and don't read so much into it. Don't over analyze.

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