Thursday, February 2, 2012

Relax and enjoy yourself in your relationship

What is etiquette in a relationship? I know you are probably thinking "why should I practice etiquette in my relationship- It's not a job". Etiquette in a relationship allows you to learn to relax and get the most enjoyment out of your relationship. Etiquette is about enhancing your relationship. It helps you to always treat each other with consideration, honesty and respect. It helps to encourage you to think before you act (rather than acting than regretting it later). Choosing thoughtful words or actions before speaking or reacting to what could be a situation that leads into an argument is very important. This can actually make or break your relationship.

A "good, strong relationship" doesn't just happen. It takes work, compromise and often change within ourselves. The success of your relationship is like every other aspect in your life- The more effort you put into it, the more success you reap from it. Again, etiquette is consideration, honesty and respect.

When you become part of a couple, you trade independence for the security of having a lifetime companion. This lifetime companion should be your BEST FRIEND!! If they aren't, you shouldn't be choosing to spend your life with them. Life is short. You only live once and you are not coming back- so make the most of it. Being in a committed relationship can be awesome. No more playing the dating game, no more wondering if the other person is interested, no more lonely feelings. Your best friend is simply there for you, they are a part of you and your everyday life. You share your dreams, your fears, your goals, your happiness and your sorrow. They see you at your best and love you. They see you at your worst and still love you too.

So let's talk about the three rules of thumb to be etiquette in a relationship.

Consideration- This is understanding how other people are affected by whatever is going on in life at that particular time. Being considerate of your partner is so important. Show empathy for them. Think before you act. Think to yourself "how is my partner going to feel or react if I do that"?

Honesty- Be truthful. No, the truth isn't always easy. That is why people say "the truth hurts" because it sometimes can. Act sincerely. This matters. You will be respected and trusted more if you are honest.

Last but not least- Respect! Respect is recognizing that how you interact with your partner affects your relationship tremendously. Take actions that will help nourish your relationship and not ruin it. Respect helps us decide how we choose to act towards our partner. You know the old saying "Don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself". That saying is so popular because it is so true. Try to practice that in everyday life.

It is work though. It takes alot of effort to take and blend your two lives together. Always remember to practice etiquette and when you do fight, fight fair.

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