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Should I end a long relationship advice

Should I end a long relationship advice

All relationships change over time. The excitement felt through the dating process is not a constant or given in any long term relationship. Relationships require commitment and work as well as love and longevity.

Before ending a relationship that you have spent so much time and effort in you should consider a few things. The fact that it does take years to really know someone, invested time and past feelings of love should be looked at. Is all that you felt in the past truly gone, or are there ways that you have not tried that will revitalize what you already have? Some exploration in this area may save the bonds you have created and reignite the value you found in the beginning of your relationship.

Look at the relationship from your partners� perspective if you can. Try to see how they see you. Evaluate your reasons for cutting off the relationship. Explaining your feelings and conclusions is a valid part of closure. You need to understand yourself before you can reason your points with another person. If you are still in love then a better choice may be to try and reinvent the romance you once shared. Give yourself a dating challenge. Investigate new ways and interests that help build time together with common interests. Growth is a challenge in a relationship for both people involved with potential for new blossoms. Invest your time in seeing your partner in the way that you did at the beginning of your relationship. If this is still remotely possible the effort will probably set you on fire again.

Forgiveness is a major part of romancing your relationship. Let go of old wounds. Once something is done leave it in the past. Build on the future. Demands on time are another factor that lulls relationship into boredom. Remember that your partner is the number one person in your life. Make the effort to prioritize your relationship. Giving is the number one factor that cements your love and bonding. Small gestures like little notes, I love you, and knowing your partner's favourite things will bring them back to you and that closeness you once shared.

There are times when hurts and desires are really the end of a relationship. When this is true the emotions are generally raw or non-existent. In cases such as this it is better to glean what you have learned and move on. After you have made the efforts and can truly see no solution you do have to consider what is best for both sides. At this point you must stand on your resolve and look at the healthiest choice for you. Take time to heal and rejuvenate your love for yourself before jumping into the dating game.

Angela Selfridge is a relationship expert in the UK and offers advice and opinions on love and online dating as well as tips.

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