Thursday, February 14, 2013

What men crave in women

What men crave in women

1. A Man Wants Someone He Can Trust
Sounds simple right? Actually, what it means might be different from what you may think. It means a man wants someone that will remain loyal to him. It does not refer to monogamy, although that is certainly important, and a given.

A man measures trust by what a woman does when she has the chance to embarrass or to hurt him. After a man gives a woman his heart, he wonders what she will do with that power. Does she pay attention to the fact that he doesn't like to be called certain names - even playfully? Has she observed that even though he likes to be the "life of the party," he is actually pretty self conscious about what people think of him?

In his mind, as the woman in his life you will get to see a vulnerable side of him that others don't. When he dates you, and especially when he marries you, he wants to know that your allegiance is to him. Even though he may deserve to be ridiculed at times, he wants to know you understand him so intimately that you can put him in his place (respectfully) with just a look. In his mind, this is very sexy.

2. Men crave a woman that is easy to pleaseMany individuals misunderstand this statement by assuming that a woman that is considered “easy to please” goes along with everything. Not true. It doesn't matter if you have a tendency to be picky or to be carefree, as long as you don't expect a man to read your mind. Remember, he is not one of your girlfriends, and even though there are times when it seems he can read your mind, those times are usually the exception, not the rule.

When you are pleased with something, don't just express your pleasure verbally, include a positive emotional response as well (i.e., smile, hug him, laugh, etc.). Even though you may "tell him" what you like, that won't have nearly the impact on him as it would if you expressed your delight by involving your emotions too. So, while you can convey your happiness or gratitude verbally, couple this with an emotional response, and notice the difference it will make.

3. It's not your weight… Men don't obsess about a woman's weight nearly as much as women do. Forget what you see on TV and in movies. What men notice is how a woman's weight directly affects her outlook on life.

So why do men usually like thin women? Because when a woman feels great about her body, she glows. She dresses in order to draw attention to herself. Whereas women that are self conscious about their weight, often dress in a way that appears as though they are attempting to hide.

Remember this, when a man looks at you, he is hard wired to like your curves. Yes, I do know that some men won't look at any woman that weighs more than 100 pounds (45 KG), but can you imagine being with that type of guy? Please trust me when I tell you that as a woman, you are designed in such a way that men can't help but look at you. Please stop trying to be the perfect weight. The attitude and confidence a woman exhibits are what men notice more than what she actually weighs.


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