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Dealing with criticism in relationship

Dealing with criticism in relationship

Can Criticism Hamper Relationships?

Author: Satarupa

Criticism not only destroys your relationship but it also destroys your partner's life. If you continuously keep on criticizing your partner, it will not only hurt his or her pride but will also leave a permanent scar in their heart forever. Criticism in relationships is the first sign of an emerging problem that can ultimately ruin the very foundation of your relationship.

A closer look

Relationships are based on trust and cooperation under any circumstances. In a relationship, you tend to overlook your partner's shortcomings and instead focus on their positive characters. However, as your relationship progresses and becomes old, you seem to focus mainly on your partner's faulty personalities and overlook his or her positive attributes, which once attracted you.

You would no longer like to call your partner with sweet names like sweetie, honey, love kitten or other lovable names that you used during the first stage of your relationship. You will continuously remain in the state of resentment and frustrated and the only way for you to get over your resentment is to criticize your partner for every little fault. However, one thing you would not realize at that time is that your partner is not the cause for your frustration and anger that is stemming inside you.

It is generally believed that human beings tend to criticize others because of their own miserable conditions and disappointment. The same theory also applies in a relationship. If your partner keeps on criticizing you then it is probable that your partner is going through some serious problems and might have been facing disappointment for a long time. Destructive criticism in relationships has been the primary cause for many breakups and divorces and if you want your relationship to prosper for the rest of your life then the best way is trying to figure out the root cause of your failing relationship.

The downside explained further

Constant criticism can end a relationship and so, if you find yourself criticizing your partner frequently then you are surely suffering from a lot of problem and you find hard to accept the real failures and miseries of your life. The perfect way of handling criticism in a relationship is to confront your partner who has been criticizing you lately. Try to delve into their problems and if possible lend your help in solving those problems.

An end note

Very soon, you will realize that your partner had been criticizing you for the last two or three months because of being denied a promotion, because of a bad investment or because of gaining weight rapidly. Hence, bringing out the problem on the surface will not only stop the criticism but will also help your relationship to prosper.

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