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Unconditional love in a relationship

Unconditional love in a relationship

Unconditional love in a relationship is the ultimate expression of love. It says, "I love you because you are you and you don't have to be different to receive and secure my love". There are no conditions attached to the love. You don't have to lose weight, make a certain amount of money, share all my goals or agree with everything that I say. Unconditional love means that you love someone when they are insecure or depressed or when they make mistakes. They don't have to be perfect. They have to respect you but they don't have to be perfect.

Other than our own children, there are probably few of us that can truly say we will ever love someone unconditionally. Whether we realize it or not, we usually place certain conditions on our love and have a number of expectations. For example- you must behave in certain ways to secure my love, you must be faithful, you must put me first above everyone and everything else, you must not express fondness towards the opposite sex, you must prioritize my goals etc).

Perfection is impossible. Believe me, I have tried (said with a giggle). It is OK to have expectations in relationships but you must also realize certain limitations to really experience unconditional love in a relationship.

Don't be too judgmental or behave in unkind ways. Treat your partner the way you expect to be treated. We can strive to become less demanding and replace those tendencies with gratitude and softness. Become better listeners. Be more forgiving. Act more loving. Expect that your partner is not always going to be in a good mood or not always going to do things to our liking.

There are so many things that you can do to promote unconditional love in a relationship. Start by asking your partner what changes he or she would like to see in you and vice versa. Read books or online blogs about making positive changes in your relationship. There's a million different things that you can do. Make it a personal challenge.

In most cases, you can be sure that whatever efforts that you make in order to become a more unconditionally loving partner, you will see results in the quality of your relationship. If you don't, maybe you need to really rethink that relationship.

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