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Being demanding in your relationship

Being demanding in your relationship

3 Best Marriage Advice you have ever received

Author: Erman

In a marriage, there is much we can do to make it full of passion and spirit to live it. Fill the atmosphere of our marriage with good things to rekindle the fire of love that might have been slightly extinguished in our hearts or our spouse's. There are things to avoid and things to develop together with our partner. Get some marriage advice that we have also in our marriage.

If this is what you are looking for and you want that the fire of love once again burn inside of you and your mate, we're glad that you find this article. We recommend you read it through to the end.

Three best marriage advice for your marriage:

Advice 1: Criticize her and she will be away from you. Praise her and she will be getting closer to you.
Rude words and sharp criticisms are like poison that will destroy everything that we have built together.
There are many harsh words that came out of my mouth to my wife. And honestly it makes me regret to this day. Just like demands, criticism is not going to change our spouses from errors or weaknesses that she did either. Instead, criticism will kill the real potential latent in her.

Praise her, then you will see a lot of potentials that are previously hidden will come from your partner. Although he made some mistakes, isn't it natural?

You may ask: "What if he did it again and again?".

Consider this, will your spouse change into better or worse by criticizing him or her?
Why not trying to encourage him through praise and words of reinforcement?

"I believe you can do better next time."


"You certainly can do that. I will be there with you and be ready to help you. "

Isn't it better?

Marriage Advice 1: Praise her with great sincerity, then you will see the changes.

Advice 2 : Demands will bury it, but love will make it alive and thriving.

Often we hear about this thing, ‘Many marriages will experience what we often call as "demands" after a few years'. Husband gives demands to wife, and the other way around. Instead of encouraging words, praise, emphaty,and appreciation, we get more and more demands. Positive words are no longer heard and given by the husband and wife who have been married long. It would be wonderful if we could re-experience the atmosphere of early marriage. Understanding and constant attention would be focused on us from our partner. Constant admiration was given byour spouse. But now all of them no longer exists.

Our wedding was not spared from those things. After 2-3 years of marriage, the demands started to come in and affect our marriage life.

All of the demands will not make the situation any better. They will not change our spouse. My wife and I experienced this as well. When we demanded each other, it actually happened that we were just hurting each other and got hurt. There was no change. Eventually, the situation was getting worse.

What should we do then?

Do not demand her anything! Just love her, like when you first met her. Love her with all your heart. Give her your love. Do not let anything or anyone turn your love into demands.

Love is the supreme language understood by the person who gives love and who is loved by one. Love covers a lot of shortcomings and weaknesses. By giving love to our spouse, that love will make her more and bloom like beautiful flowers in the spring.

Marriage Advice 2: Love your spouse like the first time you accept her as your life companion.

Advice 3 : Have time spent together even if it is 1 hour, or you will lose it forever.

Time for being together is difficult to obtain, especially in cities nowadays where all the concentration is given to perform never ending activities. Being busy in work or other activities has consumed a great amount of time, so that husband and wife have no more time together for being alone with each other without interruption by anyone, whether by children, work brought to the house, hobbies, TV or even sitting in front of computer . Only with our spouse. There are so many husband and wife who no longer have time to talk privately in quality discussions between them, even they who work or build a business together. Their talk is only filled with things around jobs, business development, workers, problems in the office they should face, the problems their children have in school and much more.

Time for being together can be filled with talks focusing on our partner's personality, or how husband and wife share what is in each other's heart, or knowing and trying to understand more of our partner's personal lives that we have not found so far. Get to know your partner through the discussions conducted during the together time.

Getting out of every daily routine.

Times for being together needs to be cultivated together. Just leave for a while the dull routine. Focus your attention only to talk with your partner. Turn off all your communication equipment. Do not allow anything to disrupt this unity.

Marriage Advice 3: Remember! You and I are the Marriage Builder. If you want to have a happy marriage, this is a secret of marriage: Try to get some time together with your partner.

Try to have time together even though it is only for 1 hour, or you will lose it forever.

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