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Turn offs for men- What turns men off?

Turn offs for men- What turns men off?

What Turns Men Off – Never Worry About Saying the Wrong Thing Again

Author: Tina Jones

Have you ever been able to figure out what turns men off? Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a guy and you sense that you have suddenly lost his interest? Did you know at the time what it was that made him disconnect? Sometimes it takes very little to instantly turn a man off; read on to find out what are the most irritating topics to men.

It's funny, but men can lose interest almost instantaneously if a few topics work their way into a conversation. For some reason, men seem to dislike a few specific issues and will immediately withdraw. If you want to keep a man talking, you might want to stay away from the following thoughts.

The first is money. Men can be very protective of their financial status and are quick to shut off and defend themselves if a woman seems to be overly interested in this information. They do not want a woman giving them the third degree to see if he is financially suitable for her and her future. They also are constantly aware that they might not live up to a woman's expectations when it comes to money. If you want to keep from turning a man off, don't worry about his money. You won't run the risk of losing his attention if you just consider this topic off limits.

The second topic is emotions. This includes both your emotions and your man's. It is no secret that men can keep their feelings locked up inside indefinitely, but they also shy away from any deep emotional conversations. They do not want to be put in the position of hearing all of your earth shattering emotional revelations in the beginning of a relationship. It makes them uncomfortable and it makes you appear needy. Leave the feelings discussion for a future conversation, the way distant future.

Finally, gossip is not good. Your guy will be keenly aware of the way you talk about other people that are not around. Not only is this a very unattractive reflection on yourself, criticizing others makes your guy wonder when he might be the victim of your insults. Just stay away from speaking ill of other people; you will appear more upbeat and well-adjusted if you focus on making positive comments.

This is an outline of the most annoying topics that you can approach when talking to a man. Make a conscious effort from the start to avoid these and you will find that you will never turn a man off ever again.

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Top Biggest Turn Offs for Men-Things that Annoy Men

Author: LoveAdviceGirl

Top Biggest Turn Offs for Men- Things that Annoy Men

Okay ladies, so you are dating a new guy and are getting to know him. You want to see where things go because you are really starting to feel him. If you want to keep him, you need to know the things that annoy men so you don't find yourself destroying your relationship.

Below are the most common and top biggest turn offs for men. Make note of them and you will have a much better chance of advancing your relationship with him.

Biggest Turn Offs for Men #1- Don't say you don't normally go for his type.

I am not completely certain if females see this as a compliment. For example, if you are a little self conscious about your weight and happen to have curves, if a guy came up to you and said, "Well I don't usually go for your type, but I do think you a pretty girl." If you are being honest with yourself, you would be offended or at least put off to say the least.

It's insulting and it just isn't cool.

Biggest Turn Offs for Men #2- Stop trying to be his problem solver or make him your project.

No one woman or man has all the answers or is in the right all the time. One of the things that annoy men the most is a woman who thinks she has superior intelligence. Ladies, if a man wants to change, he is going to do that for him. You are not God, so don't try to act like it is your duty to save him from himself. It is not you job to reform him.

Biggest Turn Offs for Men #3- A woman who drudges her pain and disappointments from her previous relationships into her new one is one of the most common things that annoy men.

Just as you are not responsible or liable for the problems of his ex-girlfriends, you need to reciprocate that same understanding when it comes to him. He was not in your last relationship. No one can account for the past errors of others. If you do this, thinking you are trying to protect yourself, you are only making him lose interest.

My best advice to you if you are struggling with the demons of the past, do yourself a huge favor and get that worked out before you drag someone else into the fray.

Biggest Turn Offs for Men #4- Being close friends with your ex-boyfriends.

I am willing to bet just about any woman that you would be bothered if not outright suspicious about your man staying close friends with their exes. With that in mind, why would a man feel any differently? One of the things that annoy men the most is a woman who keeps clinging on their past relationships. If you can't let go of your past men, then you may need to take a long look inside and answer the real reason why you are deciding to keep them in your life.

They are your exes for a reason. Leave them in the past.

These are just a short list of things that annoy men, but there other things that you should know as well if you are serious about attracting a healthy long term relationship. Consider doing research and finding out some of the biggest turn offs for men so you can avoid them. Stop sabotaging your chance of romance.

Good Luck and Best Wishes,

Top Biggest Turn Offs for Men- Things that Annoy Men

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