Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stringing me along?

Stringing me along?

Is He Stringing You Along?

Author: Kara Oh

i_love_my_ex_boyfriend-300x300.jpgToo many women write to me explaining that their ex keeps in frequent contact, want's to hang out, and even, occasionally, makes a booty call. This is very unhealthy behavior, on both sides. Him for doing it, and the woman for allowing it.

If this has happened (or it's currently going on), he's got you on a tether. He won't let go so you can find someone else, and he strings you along JUST enough to keep your hopes up. This is not good for you because it keeps you in a state of hopeful limbo.

It's important in this kind of situation to set some boundaries. You're being a doormat and there's no way he can respect you for accepting the crumbs he tosses your way. And there's no way you can respect yourself. You know this is not good, but you're ever hopeful that he'll come back.

There's another aspect about this that both men and women do to each other…"I don't want you, but I don't want anyone else to have you either…plus, if I decide I want you back, there you are."

To get over someone you need at least two months of no communication and not even hearing their voice. No, it's not easy, but once you move past the attachment, you're free to find someone who will be thrilled to have you as their girlfriend, and doesn't make you wonder and wait.

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Kara Oh, Dating and Relationship Expert, Author of Men Made Easy and other relationship books. Motivational and Inspirational Speaker.

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