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When a man needs space

When a man needs space

What is the Reason a Man Needs Space? Understanding When He Pulls Back

Author: Gillian Reynolds

Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling one day and the very next feel like they're completely falling apart. Many women experience this when the man they're with decides he needs time or distance. He'll typically be very compassionate about it and say things like "it's me, not you" or "I just need some breathing room, it's not a break up." You want to believe with everything that it's not the beginning of the end of the relationship but it very well could be. In order to deal with this situation effectively you need to fully understand the reason a man needs space. Once you do, you can take the necessary steps to fix the problem and get the relationship back on track.

The main reason a man needs space is that his needs are no longer being fulfilled in the relationship. Something has shifted and his way of dealing with it is to pull back. Some men are vocal about this and will tell the woman they're involved with that they need some time or space. Other men just pull back without an explanation. Regardless of how your guy did it, it stings and it does feel like a rejection.

Trying to determine what happened to make your guy need space can be a bit of a challenge. If he's not willing to share exactly what changed, you're going to be left to your own devices to try and come up with a reason for it. Men in dating situations are often very fickle and can change their opinion of a woman based on one small mistake or error in judgment on her part. A few examples of things that men find unappealing are when a woman shares what she's feeling too soon in the relationship, when she crowds his space or when she tries to change him. Men are also notorious for changing the dynamic of a relationship if a woman has slept with them too soon or if she starts fishing for a commitment after only a few dates.

If you don't want to lose the relationship and you believe you know the reason he needs space, there's still an opportunity to undo the damage and fix the relationship. Try to avoid doing whatever you feel may have caused him to pull back. Keep things fun and casual. He'll let his defenses down again and you'll have another opportunity to show him just how irresistible you really are.

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Is It Over or Does He Just Need Space? Understanding Why Your Man is Ignoring You

Author: Gillian Reynolds

Relationships are full of both good days and bad days. With any luck and if the universe is smiling down on us, we get to be with a partner who fills our days with wonderful experiences. If you believe you've found the man who does that for you, it can literally transform your life. Nothing can get in the way of your happiness and everything takes on a rosier tone, even if it's just doing something mundane like driving to work or cleaning the house. Your life feels focused and centered and you can see the future with your guy right in front of you. It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? Any woman in this position wants that feeling to never end. She wants to feel that her guy will be there forever and nothing will tear them apart. What happens if suddenly, he seems less present and he starts ignoring you? You're bound to have a million questions starting with the big one. Is it over or does he just need space is a question you probably wish you had an answer to.

Any sudden shift in a man's behavior is bound to bring a sense of panic to the woman who loves him. If a man goes from being overly attentive to barely being present, that's reason for concern. Unless he truly does have a bundle of work to tend to as he claims, you should be considering the notion that he may be losing interest in you. Contrary to what you've seen in the movies and heard from your friends, men don't start ignoring their girlfriend just because they feel too much for her. The fact is that typically when a man pulls back it's because he's looking for a way out of the relationship.

There are a few strong behavior signs that are present when a man is ready to end a relationship. First and foremost he just won't have the decency to say that he needs space. If a man does feel confused about his emotions and he feels that he's unsure of whether or not he wants the relationship to barrel ahead at the breakneck speed it's been going, he'll say he needs some breathing room or space. He wants to make it clear that he's not going anywhere other than one step back to evaluate his feelings and his future. If a man disappears without a word at all, your feelings aren't his concern anymore. He's trying to break up with you by being absent from your life. There's a large distinctive difference between these two scenarios.

When a man becomes overly critical with the woman he's involved with that also usually means he has one foot out the door. Some men shy away from confrontation including the break up speech. The way they think they should be handling the break up is by disappearing into the sunset. They believe that you'll eventually get the picture that the relationship isn't alive anymore. It's a cruel way to say goodbye to a woman who loves you, but to a man who wants to skip the crying and pleading, it's the best way possible.

Obviously, you can just ask your guy what's going on if he's pulled back. If you call him and get no response for at least a day, take that to mean he's moved on. If he calls back and says he's just really busy, give him the benefit of the doubt for another day or two. If he responds by saying he adores you but he just needs time for himself, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that he's likely coming back. Read between the lines and follow his behavior patterns and you'll be able to tell before long whether it's really over or whether you two are just taking a brief break.

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