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How to propose to your girlfriend

How to propose to your girlfriend

The 5 Step To Creating a Fantastic Marriage Proposal

Author: Brandon Heate

Step 1 - Brainstorming - The is probably the most overlooked step but also potentially the most important. Always make sure to remember that your partner has waited their whole life for this moment. Therefore you owe it to both of you to make sure you take the time to plan properly and make sure things go as you plan when the moment is right. Make lists of possibilities and narrow out the ones that are not feasible for whatever reason. You only get one chance at this, so preparing for and creating this special moment is crucial.

Step 2 - Be Both Unique and Memorable - Getting on you knee and simply popping the question will never go out of style, and it is indeed classic and tasteful. BUT if you really want it to be special, you are going to need to do something out-of-the-box. You want this to be an event that she will remember and tell stories about for years. What can make this moment all the more special is to have it be uniquely relevant and meaningful to your individual relationship. Only you can fully know the intimate details that will turn a pretty good proposal into a "best proposal ever" caliber idea. Whether you tie in significant events from your past, present, or future together, the personal touch of creating a truly unique proposal is extremely important.

Step 3 - Record Your Proposal On Video or Have It Photographed - Now I know it's not for everyone, but you have thought long and hard and now came up with the perfect proposal idea, so why not have something more than just memories? Unless you think your partner will be completely uncomfortable with the idea or would just much rather prefer the utmost privacy, I highly endorse getting a photographer or videographer to capture the proposal digitally. After all, if you have spent the proper time on steps one and two, you will want to relive the fruits of your labor. Also, if done right, your fiance will love showing her friends and family this joyous moment. If you prefer to capture the moment while still being somewhat private, you can always ask the photographer to take photos from a safe and unobtrusive distance. Yes yes yes the cost of hiring a professional is an added expense, but you only propose once (Fingers Crossed) and you will now have photos and/or video of this special day to look back upon for ever.

Step 4 - Bring Family And/Or Friends There To Celebrate - Though I do not endorse having too many others around in the moment of proposing, as this can be distracting and inconvenient, it can mean a lot to have your families to join you after and celebrate the moment with you. This is of course a joyous occasion to be celebrated, so why not share it with those closest to you both. Unless you will be proposing out of town or just far from family (which is also a great option), I would recommend inviting some people that are very special to you both to further add to the moment's magic. Make sure to check out the venue beforehand to make sure there is a private room or other place where your guests will be out of sight during the proposal itself and then easily join you after she says yes to join in the celebration.. This is one of the most special moments in both of your lives, and it will feel great to have those most special to you, there to share it with

Step 5 - Keep Rolling With the Surprises - If your partner says yes, then both of you will be feeling on top of the world! Don't let initial proposal be the end of your planning for the day or night, let the rest of the day be one great surprise after another. Instead of staying in this night, book a room at a hotel for an in-town getaway. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant or somewhere really nice that you have both always wanted to go. After dinner, if you are not both comatose from the delicious meal you just shared, take her out for a nightcap. In another great surprise, have more of your friends waiting at the bar to toast the newly engaged couple. You will keep her smiling and on her toes and you continue to surprise her throughout the whole day

Lastly, be creative! These are just some guidelines to go by but no one knows your fiance to be like you do, and custom tailoring a unique and memorable proposal requires a lot of planning and creativity. There are endless possibilities romantic ideas, so get out there and make the person you love the happiest person on the planet when you ask them to marry you! After this your biggest decision will be finding creative date ideas that will be as great as your proposal was!

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Surprise Your Girlfriend, Propose Before She Expects It

Author: RJ Licata

Perhaps the most difficult part of proposing to your girlfriend is getting the timing right. If you do it before she's ready you risk being turned down, and if you wait too long, she may get frustrated and move on. However, there is a time when you can propose when she's ready but also before she expects it, and this article will help you create those circumstances.

Before you propose it's a good idea to have a proposal related discussion with your girlfriend. This is assuming you are happy in the relationship and that marriage is something you'd be in favor of. If this is the case for you, consider bringing up the future and find out where she is hoping your relationship will progress to. In other words, use this discussion to make sure she wants to get married, wants to get married to you, and is or close to mentally and emotionally prepared for it.

Once you've got that out of the way, and are comfortable with her desire to marry you, you can start planning your proposal. It's at this point that you want to figure out a way to catch her off guard and propose before she's expecting you too. If you've hinted that you may be waiting for a certain milestone to take place (i.e. finish graduate school, new job to begin, etc.) consider proposing before that event. This will certainly be a surprise and you will get the maximum effect out of your proposal.

A marriage proposal should be an awesome moment for your girlfriend, one that she's not expecting but wants. The balance here can be very tricky, which is why you should have a good pulse on the status of your relationship. In order to effectively pull off a surprise proposal you need to do it just before she begins to expect it.

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