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Romantic Surprises

Romantic surprises

5 Romantic Surprises for your Partner

Author: Ravi

For many people, surprises may sound really cheesy, but they sure do add more sparks and excitement into any relationship! Not a lot of people are into the habit of giving surprises, yet little did they know that these fire up interest and transform your mundane routines into one-of-a-kind celebrations. Giving out surprises every now and then untangle you and your partner from your day-to-day activities that oftentimes lead you to neglect each other without really intending to. When this happens, you might end up taking your relationship for granted and leave either of you feeling unappreciated and lonely. But with surprises, you can stop all these on its tracks as they serve as a reminder of how much you really appreciate your partner and also send a message that you will always be there for him or her.

Try out these 5 surprises and witness the rekindling of your relationship flames.

1) Go wild in the kitchen and whip up a delectable dinner for your partner.

At the end of a long, tiring day, you and your better half may no longer be in the mood to make some effort on cooking mouth-watering dishes for supper and just settle for take-outs or microwave-heated leftovers. So there really isn't a better surprise for your partner than a home-made dinner made up of sumptuous entrees, main courses and desserts as she comes home after a long day at work! Make sure that your gastronomic surprise is piping hot and your lover may be eating out of your culinary hands for the next few days or so.

2) Whisk your partner away to a romantic escapade.

If you have no problem with coordinating a gazillion stuff, then planning a surprise vacation for your partner would definitely be a no-brainer for you! Needless to say, arranging a surprise getaway requires you to book flights and hotel accommodations, not to mention reschedule your work as well as your partner's! This may all sound a tad too difficult, but once you see the look of ecstatic incredulity on your partner's face once you show him or her the tickets, it will all be worth it.

3) Do the Kaizen.

Kaizen is the Japanese term for "change for the better" or "improvement". This is a concept that focuses on small changes but big differences and is usually applied to healthcare, games development, business management and engineering. However, you can also do the Kaizen with your relationship by doing small things for your partner! Write your loved one a short poem, do his or her chores, insert some love notes into his or her pockets. These little things will sum up to one humungous pile of happiness and will definitely leave your partner more smitten with your relationship than ever before!

4) Tidy up the nest.

If your partner barely has time to clean up his or her crib, you can surprise him or her by tidying it up all by yourself! Schedule a day when you pack your brooms, mops and dusters, and head over to your lover's abode while he or she is out and about. Do some serious cleaning, fold his or her clothes, arrange the furniture and so on. Once your partner arrives home, he or she would really be glad that you're around and might even ask your hand in marriage right then and there!

5) Put your emotions down in pen.

Our modern times have put the paper and pen on the sidetracks, but this does not hold true for lovers! Nothing spells romantic than a handwritten love letter, poem or a sketch! Your partner will really swoon over by the sight of beautifully crafted masterpiece and will appreciate the effort you've put on it, which will further heighten your romance and intimacy.

Getting into the habit of surprising your partner every once in a while will certainly re-ignite that waning romance! So go ahead and give your relationship that much needed boost now!

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First Date Ideas

Author: Match Maker Pty Ltd

First date is a really special moment for both the companions. For this you should make sure that it's completely memorable and adventurous. A successful first date will help you remember it for a lifetime. What's most important is that wherever you plan to go on your first date you are prepared for it. For a flawless date remember to take all the essentials and make it an ideal date.

Creative and imaginative dating ideas will leave that first and last good impression on your mate. Do not forget that romance should be the essence of your date plans. Here goes, some of the rocking first date ideas for all you people out there! Check this out-

• The Beach- The idea can prove to be quite inventive when it comes to beaches. Be it a picnic by the beach on a sunny day or late night dinners and bonfires you can be different every time you plan a beach date out.

• Sport games- Go for a game of mini golf or football depending upon your interest and your companion's too. This will also allow both of you to have some physical contact and get closer.

• Musical Concerts/Theater- If you have a good budget for your first date and if you both like musical bands or theater then nothing can be more perfect than going for concerts and theater dramas. A bit of privacy is all you need.

• Amusement/theme Parks- Grown up adults also enjoy amusement parks just like kids do. For a fun filled first date opt for amusement parks without giving it a second thought. A spin of the Ferris wheel or the teddy bear game will get you closer to your childhood and help you connect with your companion more easily.

• Movies- Go for a romantic movie on your first date, but make sure you keep in mind the interest if you companion as well. Movies can give you a lot of time alone and in privacy.

• Candle light dinners- one of the best first date ideas and the safest one is to go for dinners. Create some change by taking your companion for candle light dinners, dinner by the beach side, picnic dinners and more.

• Group events- the best way to interact with each others friends and family.

• Local events like festivals and street fairs- These are organized occasionally. So make sure you keep an eye and if you get the golden opportunity then take your date for such an event. It sounds exciting at the same time different from the normal date plans.

• Free tours. A visit to the local manufacturers or artisans who also has to offer free samples at the end of the visit sounds an inexpensive and exclusive dating idea.

• Window shopping sounds a great idea to impress your girl if your pocket allows. If you have budgets then try and go for street shopping rather than branded ones. Nothing can be more pleasing for a girl than shopping.

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