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Choosing a partner for life

Choosing a partner for life

How to Choose Life Partner

Author: John Hughes

You're probably asking yourself... "How to choose life partner?" When choosing a life partner, ask yourself these honest questions:

  • What does the person's physical appearance say about their lifestyle?
  • What does the person's living situation say about their personality?
  • Is he or she financially stable?
  • If not, what does he or she expect you to do about finances should living together ever become an option?
  • If so, how important does his or her career seem to be?
  • What does a person's job or hobbies say about their long-term future goals?
  • How does this person spend most of their time?
  • Why does this person appear to be "dangerous?"
  • Why does this person seem confident?
  • What does the person's sense of humor reveal about their character?
  • What subjects dominate his or her conversation?
  • How does the other person treat his or her family?
  • How does the other person treat friends, acquaintances and strangers?
  • What do I know about their previous relationships?
  • Why did these previous romances end?
  • Is this person on good terms with his or her previous lovers?
  • Why does this person seem interested in you?
  • Do this person's actions speak louder than words?

These are just a few questions that you could ask yourself. Of course, there are many other notations you could make about a prospective date, and they could range from fairly obvious to seemingly insignificant.

This is not to suggest that you should be very picky when reviewing a person's flaws. Everyone has flaws! However, it can give you a good idea of who you're going to be dating and what you will have to deal with on a regular basis. Are you up for it? Or are there some dating personalities that are just too difficult for you to attempt?

It's better to be honest with yourself now when choosing your life partner, than be heartbroken later on.

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How to choose life partner

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