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Are you trying too hard in your relationship

Trying too hard in a relationship?

Law of Attraction: Are You Trying Too Hard

Author: Tia Singh

To get it right?
To be perfect?
To win?
To do what you think you should do, so that things work out they way you think they should?

This was the month you were going to finally make those changes, throw out the old, bring in the new, attract more money into your life, a new job, quit toxic relationships and friends, go on vacation, eat better, exercise more, *insert your story here*.

You tried. You visualised, you set intentions, you acted as if what you wanted was already here.

And... Nothing! Why you asked, why!? I'm doing everything right, why don't I have what I want yet?

Ah. Could it be that you were trying too hard? Being attached to what you want, wanting things to be different than they are, being impatient etc - these are all clues that some resistance is afoot. It could be resistance to change, accepting things the way they are, focusing on what you don't want.

By resisting these feelings you only making it worse.

Fighting the natural order of things, who you are and trying to change too much too fast and expecting it to be perfect is an LOA leak in your bucket of abundance!

Now one might say there's nothing wrong about expecting change to be perfect and one might agree but one might also have to be aligned with that feeling ;) Hello, did you forget that caterpillars have to wriggle their way of of their cocoon to turn into butterflies .. it can get a little uncomfortable at times right?

When we feel resistance to not doing our best, that makes some of us not do our best .. actually it makes some of us not do anything at all! Until we feel guilty and do something totally uninspired.

When you take forced, uninspired action you may get some things done but the energy you bring to that is easily matched by the Universe and will result in a manifestation that may not be what you wanted but what you vibrated.

    Accept this: You're not always going to be the best … get it right or be perfect or win or only do what feels good. If you're Trying Too Hard you'll just end up tired and defeated. So accept that this is where you are right now even if you don't like it. That's the first step, giving up resistance.

Giving Up Resistance ~

Relinquish the fight. Give up expecting yourself to know it all, have it all and look like you do. Give up the urge to tell yourself you have too much to do and instead appreciate how much you've done!

When you let go of resistance, you'll be surprised by how you'll be driven to take Inspired Action when you're least expecting it! Because by giving up the fight, your mind and body retreat from the fight or fight impulse and allow for more creativity, inspiration and diving timing to unfold. Clear the dust off your receiving radar and allow the Universe to transmit to you.

This giving up resistance thing feels good.

What do YOU do when you find yourself trying too hard?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/law-of-attraction-articles/law-of-attraction-are-you-trying-too-hard-958119.html

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