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Why men pull away

Why men pull away

Get Back Together: Why Men Pull Away

Author: Bill Mann

You man has just walked away from your relationship and you want him back. The first thing you should do is figure out the real reason he left. You need to understand why men pull away from a relationship. The answer may not be as obvious as you think. If he's a decent guy (if he wasn't you wouldn't want him back, right?) it's unlikely he actually left you for another woman, even if he is running around with one right now. There's usually a deeper reason why men pull away from a committed relationship.

The truth is that most men need to feel admired by their woman. They need to feel that you respect and approve of them, that you think they are something special. That's true even if they're overweight, out of shape, unemployed, and can't even be bothered to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

I understand that this puts you in a tough situation, since us guys aren't always very admirable. Still, the way our heads work, we need to feel respected and admired, even when we don't deserve it. That's why men pull away, because they don't feel that you admire them anymore. They don't feel like they meet with your approval, that you are dissatisfied with them, no longer admire and respect them. If he's with another woman now, it's probably because she gave him the respect and admiration he wasn't feeling from you anymore.

So what now? Now that you know the underlying reason why men pull away, you need to think about whether it applies to your relationship. Do you still dress up nice for him sometimes, still laugh at his jokes, or at least act impressed when he tells you about his latest accomplishment at the office? Can you find something, anything positive about the guy that you can truly respect and admire?

There must be some things admirable about him or you wouldn't want him back. With the pressures and stresses of everyday life, its easy to get out of the habit of letting your guy know what you admire about him. It's easy to stop doing the things you used to do to show him you love him and think he's wonderful. Men aren't the most sensitive of creatures, and we often suck at understanding and expressing what we're feeling, but if you stop showing your admiration and respect for us, we eventually feel it on some level. That feeling is why men pull away. It's probably why your man pulled away from you.

Now that you know the most common reason why men pull away from their relationships, think about whether this is why your guy pulled away. Whether it is or isn't the actual reason, figuring out what that reason is will bring you one step closer to getting him back.

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Why Men Pull Away From Relationship

Author: Chris Roberts

You have just lost your man due to a breakup and want him back. You are utterly confused as to why men pull away from relationship. The answer to this question is not as simple as you may want it to be. A decent man would not walk out of a relationship for another woman. Even if the man is with another woman after a break up there usually is a deeper reason for why men pull away from a relationship.

The basic need of a man from a relationship is admiration. All men want to be admired, especially by their partner. They require your respect and approval to feel comfortable in the relationship. Even if the guy is the most ugly, obese, lazy and unemployed admiration is what they look for.

You may find yourself in a situation where you don't know what to do. That's absolutely fair because men are seeking for admiration even when they don't deserve any at all. They don't get the admiration they feel they should get, that's why men pull away from the relationship. It gives them a false belief that somehow you are dissatisfied with them and they don't have your respect and approval. And if you find him in the arms of another woman the possible reason is that the approval and admiration he was looking for from you, he is getting from her.

Now that you know the possible reason why men pull away from a relationship try and figure out if it applies to your relationship too. When was the last time you dressed up for him? When was the last time you showed interest in listening to his achievements in his work? Do you still laugh at the stupid jokes he cracks? Above all do you find anything about the man that you think you can respect and admire whole heartedly?

If you want him back there has to be something in him that you still admire and love. The pressure of the daily routine usually makes you oblivious of the fact that even though you admire your man you are not expressing it as much as you should be. Or at least as much as he thinks you should be. Though men are less sensitive than women but they can feel the lack of admiration very easily and this is one of the obvious reason and might be the reason why your man pulled away from you.

Now you know the possible reason for why your guy must have left you. This might be the actual reason or maybe there are some other reasons. But its worth trying to understand if you really did admire him as much as he perceived he should have been. Once you understand why men pull away do something now to keep your man stay by your side.

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