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How to keep a man from cheating

How to keep a man from cheating

What Keeps a Man Faithful

Author: Darnell E. Patton

Many women wonder why their man or ex-man cheated on them, especially when they put their heart and soul into a relationship just to feel empty and alone in the end. It turn, it makes them ask that infamous question, “What keeps a man faithful?” To answer that question… a man keeps a man faithful.

A very good friend of mine was dating this guy and she was totally dedicated to this man. No matter what she decided, she put him and his feelings first; her life revolved around him. She was always considerate and treated him like a king. She gave her all and expected the same in return. In the end, she got nothing in return but a broken heart and a massive headache. Not only did he cheat on her with another woman, he cheated on her with several different women. She called me on the phone and asked “why?” “Why can’t men be faithful?” “What can I do to keep a man faithful? What am I doing wrong?” The biggest mistake a woman can make is to blame herself when her man goes astray.

Physiologically, she starts to feel that it was her fault and thinks of things that she feel she could’ve done differently. Now, she just justified and accepted the error in his ways. To put it bluntly, no matter how good a woman is to a man, no matter how well she takes care of a man, a man is still going to do what a man is going to do.

Only a man can keep a man faithful, not a woman and her ways. A man must posses certain traits to be faithful. But, before he can ever be concerned with these traits, he must respect a woman and then respect himself. A man must have integrity, loyalty, and courage. Not only must he posses these traits, but he must also apply these traits as well.

A man with integrity is a truthful man. First, he knows he must be truthful to himself before he can be truthful to anyone else. He will be truthful in ways of relationships and he knows what he wants out of a relationship and what he’s willing to give. If a man is unsure, one should allow him his space so he can seek integrity and learn truth.

A man with loyalty is a man who is faithful. He will stick by his woman’s side through thick and thin; he is committed to the relationship until end. He will never forsake her in any way. No matter how bad it gets, he will never go astray. If a man is without loyalty, one should allow him his space so he can become faithful and develop loyalty.

Most importantly, a man with courage is a man who has it all. Courage takes a male from boyhood to manhood and gives him manliness. A man with courage will apply these traits as well as others in order to make a relationship work. A man without courage is not a man; he is a boy waiting to become a man. One should allow him his space and let him grow and become a man.

Some men just don’t posses these traits. Not to say they never will. They will when and if they want. The same goes for a man who has these traits and more but don’t apply them. When a man posses and apply all of these traits to a relationship, only then will he become faithful. Bottom line… only a man can keep a man faithful.

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Darnell E. Patton is currently an active duty Marine. He has held many management and leadership positions, to include the legendary Marine Drill Instructor and Drill Instructor, Instructor. He has a BS in Management, a BS in Finance, and his MBA with specialization in Human Resources. He can be reached at

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think we just need to be honest with ourselves in what we're wanting. I like your honesty, what you have mentioned rings true and has given me some pointers to work on!