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Making relationships work

Making relationships work

The 8 Things you Can do to Make your Relationship Work

Author: Mark Chandy

There's a saying that tells us that "true love is always unconditional but healthy, loving relationships are never unconditional." This means that in order to maintain a good relationship with your partner, certain conditions must be met. Much has been said about failing relationships. Couples come up with all the possible explanations in the world just to get rid of each other. There are only a few who dare to make steps just to keep the relationship alive and working again. Sometimes, both of the parties involved agree on parting ways but there are also a few instances where they decide to work it all over again. Now if you want your relationship to be retained, here are eight things you must do.

Love – There's always a reason for everything. When it comes to ensuring that the relationship works again, you have to reinstate the love that started it all. Relationships that last are founded on the idea that love never fades. So if you want to make yours work, experience the love again.

Always Keep Communication Channels Open – if love is the foundation of the relationship, communication is what keeps it running. Having consistent conversations, no matter how senseless and quick they are, will always be considered valuable. The lack thereof may also be the reason why the relationship is spiraling down. So if you want to work it out, you have to talk.

Establish Trust – trust corresponds to respect. Whenever you are able to build trust to your partner, you will let yourselves loosen up. The difference in opinion is a true test of how well you trust each other. If you do want the relationship to work, let your partner do his/her thing without raising any doubt.

System of Support – Love, as they say, is through thick and thin – for better or for worse. In order for a relationship to be running smooth again, every partner must be there for each other, every time. This means that you should be beside your partner in both happy and sad conditions. As the song goes, "I'd rather have bad time with you than good times with someone else."

Honesty is Important – to make the relationship work, always emphasize honesty. While there are some secrets that can be kept to oneself, you must strive hard to tell your partner everything about you that he/she deserves to know. There have been many cases of couples breaking up because of skeletons in the cabinet. Keeping secrets and totally ignoring communication are symbols of a failing relationship.

Spend Time with Each Other, Lots of It – remember that the reason why you take part in a romantic relationship is because you value and need each other's presence and company. So if you want to relive and work it out again, make sure you give enough time and effort as well in being with each other's company. Never tolerate and allow other priorities like work to be a hindrance to the time you need to be spending in weekends and important holidays and events.

Give Some Space- while it is true that spending time with each other is a must to save relationship, it is equally necessary to give your partner time to be alone. There are times when the relationship becomes a burden because of the responsibility and duties one has to perform in order to make it work. So in order to loosen things up give each other a time to go out. Chill and enjoy the stuff both of you want, free from the responsibilities of the relationship.

Be Romantic – finally, one of the most common reasons why relationships fail is because the romance withers after years of being together. But as long as you can maintain the spark, there's no reason to be away and separated from each other. In order to make the relationship work again, do some romantic stuff like lighting up and preparing a nice dinner with champagne, a weekend getaway at a romantic place, or simply buy your partner something that he/she has been longing for awhile now. These things are very easy to follow if only you have the determination and will to keep things rolling in the relationship.

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