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Domestic Abuse in Relationships

Domestic Abuse in Relationships

7 Signs of a Domestic Abuser you Shouldn’t Ignore

Author: Alison Kramer

Rosen Law Firm
October 18, 2007

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7 Signs of a Domestic Abuser You Shouldn't Ignore

By Lisa Angel, Board Certified Family Law Specialist at Rosen Law Firm
and Chair of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission

Domestic violence is not just about broken bones. Many intimate abusers lash out in more subtle ways that are easily overlooked and in time can lead to serious physical abuse. With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it's a good time to review the warning signs of abuse including controlling behavior, threats and/or physical and emotional attacks. If you or someone you know experiences any of the following, you should seek help.

1. They prevent you from talking to your friends. Abusers start by trying to exert almost total control over their partners' social lives.

2. They won't let your family visit. If your partner denies you from seeing your family or letting them visit, this is a sign of a serious control situation that deserves immediate attention.

3. They refuse to put your name on the family bank account. Abusers do not want their victims to have the financial wherewithal to leave them and thus they maintain control of the family finances. By denying you access to money it makes it harder for you to leave them.

4. They arrange for the mail to be sent to another address so you can't see it. By controlling access to information, abusers try to maintain control of you and the family. It's very typical for abusers to monitor the mail and even the telephone and internet.

5. They threaten you with violence and/or threaten to take your kids away. Abusers make threats to exert control over you. Often, they use the children as an emotional weapon toward their partners. This is a serious sign and should not be taken lightly.

6. They curse and yell at you, and/or belittle your achievements. This isn't normal and is a sign your partner has aggression towards you, which can lead to more serious things down the road. Know what's acceptable and what's not, and be aware that these are signs of emotional abuse.

7. They hit, grab, and/or forcefully touch you. This is the most obvious sign of domestic violence, but a lot of people ignore the severity of physical violence if it's just a small step over the line. If your boss grabbed you by the wrist would you think it's acceptable?


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About the Author

Lisa Angel is a family law attorney with Rosen Law Firm and chair of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. She has been actively involved in strengthening domestic violence laws in North Carolina for over a decade. She has served as the North Carolina Bar Association liaison to the North Carolina Medical Society task force on domestic violence and as a member of the UNC Hospitals domestic violence intervention advisory board. Earlier this year, Lisa was a panelist on BBC World News, discussing preventive measures to help protect domestic violence victims worldwide.

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