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Good Relationship Questions to Ask

Good Relationship Questions to Ask

What Are The Relationship Questions You Need To Ask

Author: Joe Bisley

You are in the midst of trying to fix your relationship and you are asking yourself what are the relationship questions you need to ask. Mending a relationship is always difficult even if it is simplified when you pose the right questions and get the answers which will help you be successful. We often fight against asking the questions because the answers may not please us, but that is only human.

When there is a problem get on and start fixing it yourself. Don't count on your ex to do it for you. It is not like this that your relationship problems will suddenly solve themselves and just disappear. You discovered the problem so it's up to you to sort it out.

When you are looking to repair the break up and get the relationship running harmoniously again, you would be well advised to ask the following four questions. You must find the real answers to these questions if you want to try to save the relationship

Begin by asking yourselves what you are really from your relationship? Between the two of you, your aspirations may not be exactly the same but must not be contradictory

Secondly you must each decide what you considered to be the highlights of your relationship. Where there is divergence between the two of you it will be a good indication of why the relationship broke up.

Thirdly you must ask yourselves what are those things you least like about your relationship. There is no point in fighting over them and blaming each other or letting your personal feelings get the better of you. Be honest with each other and draw up the list. It is important that you know clearly what were the matters that upset you both, in the past.

After all this you must decide where you think you relationship is going and where you think it should be going. You will then see just how sour the relationship has really got. Where your ex is saying that things have gone too far to be saved, you have to be aware of this.

Now you know what the relationship questions are that you need to ask, you both have to search for the answers. Your joint success in doing so will make it easier to save the relationship. You will see clearly what the problems are that you have to solve, if the relationship is to be strengthened and become viable. You are now in a position to assemble all the information you will need to enable you to solve these problems and have a chance of saving your relationship.

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