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Can you get your ex back

Can you get your ex back

Discover Whether You Have A Shot of Getting Your Boyfriend Back Once And For All

Author: Lydia Stevens

If you are crying yourself to sleep wishing you could have him back, this is a wasted effort. There are more productive actions you can take to determine whether you still have a chance with him and to get him to fall in love with you again. When you are trying to determine how to get your ex boyfriend back, the first step is to find out whether you have a shot with him. Based on that information, you can then discover the actions you need to take to get him back or you can decide to move on with your life and find someone new.

While no single individual should be your everything and your reason for living, having someone special in your life adds so much to your life because we are social beings and it is not good for anyone to be alone. Even when you find "The One," it does not mean that it will be smooth sailing. There will be many ups and downs. Even when you break up, there is always a chance that you may get back together.

If you lost the man you thought you would spend the rest of your life with and do not know how to go on, here are some ways on how to get your boyfriend back. Fighting for your man is not something to be ashamed about even if he may have fallen out of love with you. Some hearts can be won back and the love can be stronger and richer than it ever was before.

Can I Get My Boyfriend Back?

1. Find Out From His Family

If you are still friendly with his family members, this will be a great way to determine if there is still a chance with him. If he is from a close family, these will usually be the people who know him best and who are in the best position to know whether you still have a shot with him.

Be very subtle in your questioning. Do not be too aggressive when trying to get their view point so as not to put them off because obviously they care more about him than they do about you. Wait for openers in the conversation that will naturally lead to a conversation about your ex boyfriend.

2. Find Out From His Friends

The second tip on how to get your boyfriend back is to talk to his close friends who in many cases may know more about him than his family. His friends may be able to divulge to you his current feelings for you. If you have a common friend who is close to both of you, you may want to discuss your issues with him or her.

While he or she may not want to divulge all of your ex boyfriend's confidences, they may be able to give you some sense of whether he is thinking of you, talking about you, etc. They may also have some advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

3. Where You Currently Stand

You will next need to determine where you and your ex boyfriend stand in order to determine whether you still have a chance with him. Think about your last encounter with him. Did he attempt to run out of the room as soon as he saw you or did it seem like he didn't mind being around you? Was he curious about what was going on in your life? This will give you important clues on whether you still have a chance of getting back with him.

4. Meet Face to Face

The other tip on how to get your boyfriend back is to talk to him if he is open to meeting with you. He is the best person to tell you whether he is still pining for you or not. Talk to him about the relationship and the breakup and get his take without getting defensive. Let him just speak his mind about his issues. This will be very helpful information on whether you can get him back and get him to fall in love with you again and what your strategy should be to get him back if there is a chance.

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