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Texting your Ex

How Long Should I Wait Before Calling My Ex?

Author: Anthony Malibu

When is it okay to call your ex?

Before talking about this magical time period, we first need to explore what you should NOT be doing immediately after your ex breaks up with you. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself is a pretty common one, but not very constructive. Another popular activity would be stalking your ex, hounding them, begging for your relationship back, and trying to get them to change their mind about ending things. Driving past your ex’s job or home is another really bad idea, which could even lead to your ex being afraid of you.

And you know what? All of these activities are going to delay getting back together with your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend, as you push them further and further away from any sort of reunion. Getting back with your ex becomes next to impossible if you’re not willing to learn self control.

What You Should Do As Your Ex is Breaking Up With You

If you’re lucky enough to read this before your ex breaks up with you, then you probably have a sense that things in your relationship are “off”. If not, you can use this advice on your next relationship, provided you and your ex don’t get back together and run off into the sunset.

When your boyfriend or girlfriend sits you down and begins giving you the breakup speech, what you do during that time period is extremely important. Most people try to fight the break up, and offer what they believe to be convincing arguments that the romance should continue. What these people don’t realize however, is that their boyfriend or girlfriend has already made up their mind… and therefore, it’s too late for that type of approach.

Instead, you need to agree with the break up. This might be the single most important thing you can do if you really want to get your ex back. By not fighting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s decision, you’re actually placing yourself on their side – so to speak. Tell them something like:

“You’re right. Things haven’t been working out, and we both pretty much know it. Maybe going our separate ways is the best thing for us. I wish you luck.”

Imagine your ex’s face as you utter these words. He or she is going to be absolutely stunned that you’re not only okay with breaking up, but that you’re actually suggesting it yourself! Instead of asking how long should I want before calling my ex, you should be working on ways to preemptively blow your ex’s mind, creating an atmosphere where your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend will actually wonder whether or not they even should be breaking up with you… as in the case above. Agreeing to take time apart is going to keep your ex’s respect, seize back power, and actually make you a hell of a lot more attractive than if you just walked away sulking and upset about losing that person.

What You Should Do After Your Ex Breaks Up With You

Now if you’re reading this after the breakup already happened, don’t worry… there are still ways you can get your ex’s attention (and respect, if needed) back. In working to reverse the break up, there are a number of things you can do to make your ex want you back. The best ones are listed here.

“So how long should I wait before calling my ex?”

If you’ve let your ex know that you’ve accepted the end of your relationship… AND you’ve completely broken off contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend (meaning no calls, emails, text-messages, and the like…), then the general rule of thumb is to wait 4 weeks before calling them again.

A month’s time is just long enough to give your ex a chance to miss and need you again, but not long enough that they’re starting to move on to a life without you. Not only that, but because you’ve left your ex alone for that time period? He or she will actually welcome a call from you. Calling your ex at that point will be greeted without them wondering if you have ulterior motives, as they’ll already be curious about what you’ve been up to. But this only works if you’ve broken contact completely… you can’t cheat on that one.

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Texting your Ex

Texted Ex-Boyfriend Big Mistake

Author: Kim Clay

Now some males can deal with tension, there are a couple of guys who supposely think that it is difficult to forget an ex girlfriend. They will attempt to go back to that ex or just ring her all-day wishing that will get her to heat up the old flames which died months ago.

get over ex girlfriend dating

First you have to realize if you cannot get over her after a month, you have a job to do. Do you know why? Cause she has no feelings for you, probably doesn't even return your calls, if you didn't get a hint, she is bitch slapping you. Probably she's already forgotten that you exist but here you are, rationing about all the extraordinary activities you both enjoyed. I'll tell you brother you have to get your game correctly.

The argument you can't get over her, is not because you enjoy her a lot or she is the most good-looking woman since waist to hip ratio was discovered, no sir. You can't forget about her because you have a vaccum in you. Yes I'll say it again, you have a (BIG) void in you. You haven't got a solution to fill up so you believe you can get from her. NO! She won't be able to fill it out for you . As a matter of fact nobody can do it for you, others might direct you but you solely will have to fill it.

Are you at a loss?

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Here is what I mean; the hole I'm lecturing about is called neediness. Some men are not capable to be themselves, they have to have a woman on a side to feel like real men. The worse trait is that, they believe the other person (girlfriend) will get them be realistic. If they don't have one, they become weak. They lack inner strength and they can't be themselves till they get the blessing of others. If you belong to these men then you have evolve to alter that trait at once.

You need to discover what that vaccum is; you want to ask yourself why you desire that girl so bad, what gets you care her. When you get the answer then dig more for more answers. This will assist you to recognise about yourself. It might be like feeling great or the necessite for acknowledgement. Once you have the correct answer learn activities that cause you to feel important. Is it learning different things, taking chances, studying new attainments, it could be anything. After you get your demands met you will feel more powerful and self-assured the persona that is attractive and cunning to women.

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