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Is it a serious relationship or is it just dating

Is it a serious relationship or is it just dating

Dating or Relationship – Where Are you Now? Top 4 Signs

Author: Andrea McMillan

Deciding between dating or relationship is not that hard if a person already has a good amount of experience about the subject. However, those who are just new to the dating scene might find themselves having problems in identifying dating or relationship associations. That being said, following are some tips that might help in differentiating the two.

Dating or Relationship - Dates are Infrequent
Although this is not absolute, casual dating with someone usually means that they do not go out often. When people are in a serious relationship, they usually make plans for what would happen the next day or the next week. Sometimes, an invitation is immediately issued right after the date, allowing both parties to prepare for the event. With casual dates however, this is not usually the case. Instead, dating individuals keep in touch, promise to see each other soon but do not place a definite date on the situation.

Dating or Relationship - Dates are Impersonal
Perhaps not 100% impersonal since dates are basically the "getting to know stage" of what would eventually become a relationship if possible. Typically though, casual dating means that the male and female are seeing each other in a public location with no one else involved. A relationship goes beyond that however. The girl would find herself being introduced to the male's friends and vice versa. Aside from quiet couple dates, they would find themselves mingling with friends and ultimately becoming a part of their partner's group. This is a clear indication of a relationship.

Dating or Relationship - Relationships Date Less
Now this might seem confusing considering the first statement mentioned at the top of the article. However, it is important to note that people in relationships have usually gone past the literal dating stage. This means that instead of spending Friday night at some restaurant, couples might simply decide to stay at home and watch a movie. This comfortable silence together is a good sign that the two are already accepting each other as permanent fixtures in their life. This is because each is no longer trying to "impress" the other. Instead, she is comfortable in wearing light make up with the man while he is happy just to sit at home and miss the nightlife.

Dating or Relationship - Relationships Fight Well
Couples who fight or are not afraid to voice out their opinions are usually those that will stay longer. These fights are actually affirmations of how the two are now feeling comfortable with each other. Even with a fight, people in relationship are secure enough to know that the shouting match would not result to their sudden break up.

Of course, defining dating or relationship goes beyond those mentioned. When it comes right down to it, individuals would find themselves needing to assess and observe their partner before finding out if they have moved past the dating stage. Once the above-mentioned defining characteristics become prominent, then couples would know exactly where they stand. Keep in mind though that the best way to decide dating or relationship is through verbal affirmation. Hence, make sure to inform each other about the sudden shift in circumstances so that both would be on the same page.

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