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Does love change over time

Does love change over time?

Does Love Die Off Over Time?

Author: Paul B

One of the questions that befuddle many people over time is definitely the concept of love. Definitely love is something that has been around for thousands of years, as it has determined the course of history over time. Naturally, it has been a major driving force for almost everything taking place in the course of history. However, regardless of the power of love, many people will also accept the power of hate as well. In fact, many of the couples which have been in love with each other will attest to the fact that love will change over time and it will turn to hatred or sometimes to indifference.

Of course, in order to answer the question of whether love dies off over time, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of love. Many experts will proclaim that love is nothing more than a chemical aberration in the brain, as they believe that it can be explained by chemical reaction of several enzymes and hormones in the body.

However, in retrospect, many people have attested to the fact that love is something much more grandiose then just the simple feeling that is associated with love. But then at the same time, people will also agree that love is something that can die off over time and this can be used to augment the idea that love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain.

The real answer lies in somewhere in the middle. It can be said that love is something that exists between persons who have either compatibility or at least some semblance between each other. The concept of love cannot happen between two people who may be worlds apart, although some instances to the contrary exist. Thus, it can be said that love as a feeling will become something that is much more stronger, as long as feeling of appreciation and respect also accompanies love. It is easy to see that especially in elder couples, where the above feelings of appreciation and respect also exist, the love will also be very profound. Of course, it must be said that love will transform itself to something that is even greater with time, especially if it is between two compatible persons.

Thus, overall it can be said that love is something that is great and it transcends over time, as well as it is something that is part of our everyday lives. Hence, we should accept and embrace love whenever it comes and knocks at your door. We should also be prepared for anything else that comes with love since it can take on many forms. Naturally, you will have to make sure that you also open yourself to the possibility of losing love as well since it can die off, especially if other feelings are not present. Thus, you should make sure that you open yourself to the possibility of love for a better future.

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