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staying together after cheating

Staying together after cheating

Staying Together After Infidelity - It Can Be Done

Author: Sophia Rynn

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to infidelity in a marriage. It happens way too much but if a couple decides to salvage their marriage it would help to know how it got started. Not many people really understand what brings someone to cheat on their spouse. Sometimes it is about love or sex but mostly it is because of something going wrong in the relationship between two people.

For instance if a couple have been together for years and things start getting tough one partner may seek to alleviate their frustration by cheating. It becomes an escape from the reality of their relationship that they can not face. Almost like the response of a selfish or immature person when something does not please them.

They could take the initiative to face the problems and work out a solution; instead they choose to turn their back on it. Finding someone that helps them forget their problems is the solution they take. It may make them feel good for a while but in the long term it doesn't work.

They will feel good and desirable for a while and they have peace during this period. Overall they only make matters worse creating more problems they will have to face. This is the short version of what cheating is. Below are some things you can use to help repair your relationship after experience cheating in your relationship.

1. What you must understand, whether you are the cheater or the one cheated on, is repairing the relationship will be painful and long. Knowing this at the start, if you are not willing to make the commitment to fix it you may as well end it.

2. Even if you manage to stay together, you must be aware that the issue of infidelity may come up again during stressful times. This is not to say that you or your partner will cheat; it means that previous anger or frustrations may come out again.

3. Rebuilding your relationship on your own can be difficult and most couples can't do it on their own. Considering a marriage counselor is a great option to help work with you. Both you and your partner may have trouble holding back the hurt and anger which will make it difficult to fix things on your own. A counselor would be the middle person to help you work through it.

If you need a way to get back to the great relationship the two of you once had before the affair it will not be easy. An affair does not mean the relationship comes to an end as long as the two of love each other, and are determined to make your relationship work.

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Relationships And Cheating How To Get Over It

Author: Joe Bisley

Relationships and cheating go very often together. You likely know someone who has been cheated on, perhaps it was someone who cheated on you? Did you do the cheating in your relationship?

The cheated and the cheater are both hurt by cheating. The person being cheated on is clearly hurt by is effect and the cheater does not escape. The cheater starts by hiding his acts; he has to lie to keep the secret and suffer the guilt for what he has done. He may not show his guilt but he almost certainly feels guilty. The relationship does not necessarily come to an end because one of the two parties has cheated on the other.

After you have been cheated on, is it still possible to maintain the relationship? What can be done to recover from it and is the cheater going to repeat their way? The relationship is not going to be easy to recover, particularly as the cheating is a repeated. Some couples, however, are able to regain trust in their partner and manage to wave the storm and live happily together afterwards.

To know whether or nor you can trust your partner again, you must know the reason why they cheated on you in the first place. If you had troubles in your relationship or the situation presented itself and it just “happened”, you may be able to address the problem calmly with your partner.

The problem is more serious when it happened your partner was bored that day and the opportunity presented itself. Where the excuse offered is as weak as that you will likely find it difficult to forget the hurting the cheating caused you and you might decide to end the relationship.

If your relationship was you already in the midst of problems your partner may have considered it was all but over. Even if they felt they were ignored or not respected in the relationship, their cheating was wrong, but at least you can understand the problem and you may be sort matters out together.

Relationships and cheating make an odd concoction and some relationships come through quite well, once the initial tumult has passed. It is often difficult, however, for the party that has been cheated on to put it behind them and continue on as before. They no longer trust their partner,expect the cheating to continue and don't wish to stay in an unhappy relationship.

Where the suspicion exists, it rebounds on both parties. So if you have been cheated on you have to try to trust your partner not to repeat it and cause you more pain, even if this is difficult for you. Remember that cheating in a relationship is never easy to resolve.

Joe Bisley

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