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Marriage makeover

Marriage Makeover

Marriage Makeover – Tips To Starting Your Marriage Makeover Today

Author: D P Haynes

Marriage Makeover – Tips to Starting Your Marriage Makeover Today

It would be awesome if we could pick up a fancy gadget like a marriage makeover remote control and hit the rewind button. Take us back to the day of our marriage and hit the replay button but don't erase all of the good and bad experiences we learned from during our marriage. The first go around was sort of a training camp to get you ready for the real marriage. Now you are ready for a marriage makeover. I hope you would still go ahead and marry your spouse knowing all the positives and negatives you now know.

If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and begin to rewind and makeover your marriage. You see, as long as you are together there is still time to review or rewind, make some adjustments, and move forward with your made over marriage.

There are a couple of steps to your marriage makeover.

  1. Making an assessment of where your marriage stands – It's important for couples to take a transparent look at their marriage and honestly discuss their thoughts, feelings, frustrations, issues etc. This is a difficult but necessary step to clear up any misunderstandings regarding the status of the marriage and help set realistic expectations regarding the marriage makeover.
  2. Figuring out where your can be after a marriage makeover – Once you get through the difficult part of discussing the issues or behaviors in your relationship causing challenges in you marriage, the next step is to dig a little deeper and begin to see how good or great your marriage could be. You will begin to see that a marriage makeover is possible with a little time and some work.
  3. Making it happen – Now after you have laid the foundation the next step will be for you to make your dreams come true and make over your marriage. A husband and wife can accomplish a lot and overcome the obstacles in their marriage if they work towards the same goal.

Couples often struggle with the same marriage problems with some being able to overcome those problems. Unfortunately, over 50% of marriages end in divorce. If only those couples would have hit the rewind button and tried to makeover their marriage perhaps they would have stayed together.

I offer the following tips to help you stay in your relationship and improve your marriage.

  1. Fight fair. This is one area that you can immediately implement in your marriage makeover if you struggle in this area. Never bring up hurtful or unrelated stuff about your spouse or your spouses family during a disagreement. Your words once spoken can not be taken back. For example, saying things like I know why your first wife cheated on you is not a smart or fair comment to make. Fight but make sure it's something worth fighting over and fight fair. You should always ask yourself is it more important to win the argument or keep sanity and peace with my spouse and family?
  2. Don't hold onto stuff. Another area you can instantly improve and get your marriage makeover going is letting go of the past. If you haven't really forgiven your spouse over something done or said in the past the only way to move forward is to let it go. Forgive and never bring up old stuff. You will be happier and your marriage makeover will be more likely to succeed if you don't live in the past.
  3. Make fun time for each other. The couple who plays together usually stays together. One of the better ways to makeover your marriage is make sure you are having some quality time for each other where you can grow closer together and become best friends and soul mates for life.
  4. Find ways to deal with difficult issues positively. There will still be many issues you have to deal with that are difficult or touchy. If you have gotten rid of all of your past issues you were holding onto, learned how to fight fair and generally respect and appreciate one another then dealing with touchy subjects shouldn't be a traumatic event. The key is being honest, sensitive and make sure love and respect are in the mix.
  5. Continue to date. Unless you were in an arranged marriage you started out dating each other before you got married. Remember how wonderful that time was when you could spend hours talking on the phone, holding hands all the time and getting chills every time you embraced? There is no reason why you can't resurrect those same experiences. Make it a priority to get back to where you started at and go from there. You have total control regarding your marriage makeover.

Marriage Makeover is something you can have and quite frankly deserve. There are many couples who don't take the time or make the effort to fixing their marriage. It's a shame that they don't put the same effort into saving their marriage as they did dating, courting, being engaged and getting married. They throw it all out the window when a little tweaking, fine tuning communications, dealing with some emotional aspects or misunderstandings could have helped save their marriage.

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Each and every couple should take the steps necessary to Make Over Their Marriage. It has been done by thousands if not millions of couples. Sure a lot of couples get divorced each year but you don't have to be one of them. Make sure you take the steps necessary to makeover your marriage and save it today. For more tips and proven techniques and strategies visit here at Mariage Makeover today.

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