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How to revive a relationship

How to revive a relationship

How to light the spark in a dying relationship?

Author: CD Mohatta

Your relationship might have been perfect in the beginning. You had everything going right for both of you; you were compassionate, understanding, full of love and surprises. But on the way, things have got rough between the two of you and your relationship has started to suffer. Earlier, the things that never came to your mind, have started bothering you now. You think that your relationship is fading away and there's no spark left. Do you find similarities in what we've mentioned here? You needn't worry, as here we will provide you the solutions to put life in a dying relationship.

1. Plan surprises

If you want to rekindle your relationship, then plan surprises for your loved one. It is boring to spend every day in the same fashion, so bring something new in the relationship. Do little things for him that count in a really big way. You can cook dinner for him on a weekday, when he's least expecting it and have a wonderful candlelight dinner with him. You could also get two tickets to watch a game that he loves. You can also invite his friends over at your place to watch a rugby or football match. He loves it if you show your interest in his likes and dislikes too. These are some examples we gave you, but we are sure you can come up with better ideas to save your relationship. Just go ahead and surprise your sweetheart. Slowly and steadily, he will surely notice your small gestures. Remember: It is the small things in a relationship that count.

2. Keep the romance alive

You also need to keep the romance alive between both of you. No matter what you do or however busy you may be, but you can always find ways to bring out the romance in your relation. When you're walking beside him, hold his hand or slide your hand into his arm. You can also kiss him when he goes to office or in the middle of a conversation. These cute little bouts of romance will make him see you in a romantic way and bring back your relationship in the mood.

3. Communicate well

The best way to solve any issue is to talk it out and here you need to do just that. Ask him about the problems he is facing or what you can do to make him feel better and so on. You should always remember that communication always helps.

You just have to be patient and keep doing these things to put life in your dying relationship. After sometime, you will be sure to notice your relationship take a turn for the best.

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How to revive a relationship

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