Monday, April 9, 2012

Questions to ask for marriage

Questions to ask for Marriage

Financial Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Author: Chad Orzen

If you are getting married or thinking about getting married I hope that you are one of the few who takes the time to think about questions to ask before marriage. I sincerely hope that your life is filled with joy and happiness like mine has been. Before you take the plunge into the biggest commitment of your life please take the time and think about questions to ask before marriage, especially financial questions.

Let me start by saying that most people that are about to get married are pretty certain that they know their partner better than anyone else in the world. Let me emphasize that I just said pretty certain. How do you know for sure if you and your partner have never taken the time and asked certain questions. You may be asking yourself, what exactly does he mean by financial questions to ask before marriage. For starters do you know one and others spending habits? Is someone a spender or a saver, are you both spenders or are you both savers. This question alone is vital in understanding each other and how you will handle your money.

How about discussing financial questions to ask before marriage such as past or present obligations. Have you talked about your financial goals together or how financial decisions will be made? Here are a couple of questions to ask before marriage that you may have thought so simple that there was no need to ask. How will we budget? Who will do the record keeping and bill paying? Imagine never taking the time to think about these questions to ask before marriage. What is your financial future together going to be like and how will you handle your money as a married couple if you don't know the answers to these questions. Hopefully this article has shed some light as to why it is so important to ask questions before marriage.

Everyone knows that one of the keys to any successful marriage is communication and hopefully by reading this you have realized the importance of asking some financial questions before marriage. Realize that this does not stop at financial questions, there are many other topics that have questions to ask before marriage.

Did you know that an estimated 80% of divorces would not have taken place if the right questions to ask before marriage had been dealt with? Save countless arguments and unnecessary stress on your relationship by taking the time to ask questions before marriage takes place. Ask these financial questions and find other questions to ask before marriage before it is too late.

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Chad is a proud husband and parent who embraces any and all financial questions to ask before marriage.

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