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Zodiac Sign Relationship Compatibility

Zodiac sign relationship compatibility

Zodiac sign describes the personality traits of human being. They are useful in knowing a person's behavior and their nature. You can easily predict the positive as well as negative values of a person if you have the detailed knowledge about these. With proper understanding of the all the signs and their characteristics you can have happier and pleasing life ahead.

Many times, we fail to understand a people and motives behind their activities. Actually we can't help it; it is the actual impression of the zodiac sign which rules on them. Hence, you should learn more about their traits. Having good knowledge about people you live among, always helps in maintain the peace and happiness. It will also help you understand yourself in detail. You will come to know about why do you like a particular way of doing things, your approach, your likes and dislikes and all other things.

Understanding these signs can help you to know, why your boss is always so angry, why your lover posses so much possessiveness and how your parents worked hard just to raise you. You can also figure out how and why you have better relationship with particular person. Knowing all the signs will help you in your professional life and personal life. It will also help you in maintaining your social network. Understanding zodiac signs will help you understand your role in this life and how you can be beneficiary in the life of others.

There are 12 zodiac signs which are as follows:


These signs are grouped in four types representing four important elements of life. They are as follows:

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

It is observed that people with fire type and Air type have good compatibility with each other; similarly people with water and earth type have good compatibility between them. People with same sign group will also have good compatibility. This means, that Aries will have good compatibility with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius than any other signs. But it doesn't mean that Aries will not have proper relation with other types of signs. They both will have to adjust with each other in order to sustain the relationship. Good understanding and some compromises can help you lead the happier life.

Lets reveal all the zodiac signs and their unique characteristics at zodiac signs and horoscope signs.

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The Secret by Astrology Signs: Zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces secrets

Author: Veres Zoltan

The secrets to the secret… what holds you back or pushes you forward, depending on your zodiac sign in applying "The secret"

For the Libra personality, the hardest challenge is to decide on something… usually after he decides that finally "this is what I want!", someone comes along, and makes him change his mind… and so on and so forth, jumping from one thing to another without giving a chance for the universe to deliver something, because it is impossible to materialize something that changes from one interaction to another. So… make up your mind… the main lesson for a Libra, beside finding the balance and harmony, is to become complete by assimilating the energy of self confidence and the courage to be whatever he or she wants and feels should be… this is the only way to learn and get what you want, by trial and error. Focus on one thing (after you've consulted everyone around you, this is most probably inevitable), and do everything by the book for that one thing you desire. After you got it, you can decide if it was a good decision, and move on to the next…

Believing is under the same mechanism of change as asking, so make sure that after you decided the direction you are going toward, consult only with those who will sustain and encourage you in the chosen direction, try to avoid those who can seed doubt or disbelief in what you proposed to get.


This is the most pleasurable phase for a Libra, and you will enjoy it for sure. A Libra can receive from anyone and anytime, almost anything, so just relax and take every good thing the Universe has to offer. The hardest part was to decide, easier to believe and finally this is your moment… Scorpio A secret itself is a fascinating aspect of the existence for a Scorpio, so applying one would be also something quite challenging…. Ask Because the Scorpio energy is the symbol of the creative energy itself, the creative act within The Secret is a very powerful one, and usually very unconscious for a Scorpio. Usually frustration, and the abyssal aspects of it's personality pushes a Scorpio on to nurture certain wishes, certain emotional charges (which may not be the most sublime because its self-destructive tendencies), that by its powerful creative energy come to manifestation and affect several person's lives. This process is usually unconscious, and if you turn it into a conscious-one, and focus on the positive aspects of it for you, it might be one of the most efficient ways to create.


As you know, any negative state will "erase" your efforts, so although it might not be easy for a Scorpio to focus on the bright side of life, it is the main lesson for this zodiac sign, to alchemize the venom in itself into a divine nectar. Try not to think of yourself as the center of the Universe (and take everything personally, like you are the only one who is suffering), and do your Scorpio job in recognizing God in everything that is ugly and disharmonious and thus transforming everything you see into divine presence.


By the time you start this process I presented, receiving will be a natural thing, because you will know with all your heart that you deserve everything that is good in this Universe, and such, learning the lesson of self appreciation specific for your Scorpio nature.

Usually Sagittarius typeshave a strong predilection toward the transforming into theory everything, with a certain attitude of knowing everything about things... This attitude has a very unpleasant effect on every stage of applying the Secret. Try to use your God-given sense of truth and justice to really help others, and find the deeper truth through this, instead of posing in the position of a spiritual master.


Try to focus on the practical aspects of what you want to achieve. Instead of explaining yourself the several aspects and problems that has to be overcome in achieving everything that you want, just put it simple, imagine what you would like to get and go for it, keeping in mind the practical results of the technique, not the theoretical aspects that describe it.


The best way to strengthen your belief is to speak to people who already achieved what you desire. It is important for you to have the state of a disciple, who is learning, and discovering the way, not pretending to know it.

This humble attitude will put you in resonance with the real spiritual power of a Sagittarius, and give you access to a deep belief that what you want to achieve is possible.


Receiving will not be a problem if you manage to pass the few small tests in asking and believing... Watch out for the ego though, it will try to assume all the credit for achieving your goal, and try to teach everyone about it. Being humble again will ensure you the repeated success with "The Secret", and will give you the chance to pass on your experience to others, experience which comes in time, and with several applications of it...

Receive your full astrology reading in just a matter of days and find out things you never knew about yourself and about what you are really able to be, do and have.


As a Capricorn, I have a feeling that you will know exactly what you need, in detail, prioritized and maybe you already have a plan to obtain it.

Watch out though, applying the secret needs a certain state of relaxation, which might be a bit of a problem for a Capricornsometimes.


Capricorns can be quite skeptical when it comes to aspects that require their relaxed waiting, with full emotional support regarding their desires. In the first place, the emotional charge of a Capricorn is relatively weak, not only during the process, but also when they obtain their goals also. To apply the secret you need to feel the joy of achieving, to be fulfilled and patient thinking of what your results. After this, you need to eliminate the pattern of always looking for the practical solution, and not believing that something is possible until you find the solution. In applying the secret, first you have to believe that it is possible, and then the solutions will come. It has no sense to apply the secret for something to which you already have a plan to obtain, and the means to apply the plan. Aim higher, toward goals that seem out of your reach, this will make you get over yourself, and fit into the bigger picture of the Universe...

Receive Joy and gratefulness are the key words, and lessons to learn for a Capricorn. Try not to assume the results you achieved, try not to nurture your ambition that grows anyway in time, with the gifts that you received from God. Everything we have and everything we achieve are in fact gifts from our Creator, and can be taken at anytime from us... we are not taking anything from this world when we leave it, but our joy, happiness and belief, and all the fulfillment we have by letting God do His work through us... Aquarius

The best things to ask, for an Aquarius, are things that he can use together with his friends… Just joking...well, at least partially... Aquarius types usually don't really care about themselves; their main purpose in doing things is to help others, one way or the other, so their desires are usually connected to this attitude somehow. If you want some things for yourself, try to stay focused, and don't change these desires depending on who needs what around you, and don't forget the fact that you've started something, just because someone asked for your help...

Believe and Receive Believing is not a problem, as long as you remember that you've set a goal to achieve, between the specific several original acts of freedom and friendship. It is very important to constantly keep in mind what you desire so that when it comes to you, you will be able to receive it... and after you've got it, share it with the rest of the world, thus amplifying the joy and grace that came to you.


Asking with all your heart is the only thing it takes to succeed. By your nature, as Pisces your whole structure is built on the profound relationship with the intuitive part of the Universe, the relationship beyond words. Asking for things that others will benefit of, are extraordinary, but don't forget about yourself… you own wellness, and satisfaction is very important too… also a bit of a problem might be to settle all the details, because Pisces nature tend to let themselves float on a river of imagination, which can take them to different results each time. The best way to solve this is to write down what you want, and read it several times a day to remember the same details over and over again.
Believe and Receive
Believing and Receiving depends on two essential aspects of the Pisces nature. One of them is the naivety, which may influence you when you talk to others, thus seeding doubt if they don't have the same beliefs as you do, and the second is about the continuous feeling of not deserving all the good things life has to offer. If to manage to overcome these obstacles, naivety through a real and powerful believe in the ideal you seek, and the sense of guilt through a state of gratitude and prayer toward god as a divine child, which is asking his father to grant him his grace, by your true nature you will obtain anything you want, especially if those things include the well being of others, too.

If you want to learn more about zodiac signs erogenous zones or zodiac sex positions you will find more information on our website.

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About the Author

Astrologer, NLP practitioner, astrology blogger


My name is Veres Zoltan, I was born on may 9th 1977, in Targu Mures, Romania, at 17:30, or 5:30 PM (GMT+2), in the case that you would like to analyze my birth chart.

I am a licensed economist and computer specialist, but my passion was always astrology, at first as a hobby, but afterwards a lot of people started to ask for my services, transforming my hobby into a profession.

From the first moment I got in contact with it, astrology meant a profound and efficient way to get to know people, to me, to discover what is happening inside them, inside their relationships, inside the lives they have created. I understood the fact that we are not honest with ourselves, especially with our dark side, and that, very often, we need someone from the outside to come and put a mirror in front of us.

This way we have the chance to discover ourselves as we really are, with all the potential and limitations we have at a certain moment, this way we can learn to undress ourselves of our masks and to shine in all our splendor and learn to bring all the good and the beauty we were meant to manifest in this world. I started to be more and more interested in this science of the soul, which gives me the possibility, to put a mirror in front of those who want to discover themselves, day by day.

I graduated the courses of the "Helios" Astrological Research and Applications Center, courses sustained by Bartha Zoltan, and have been an astrological consultant and lector for the past 6 years.

In between, to develop my counseling abilities and to understand human psychic and personality, I completed my studies with courses and seminars in Neuro-Lingvistical Programming. In the present, I'm studying and teaching astrology within the "Helios" Astrological Research and Applications Center team from Cluj Napoca (Romania), by teaching in several cities in the country, and also sustain private astrological counseling sessions for those that request it.

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